Spray myself with Alcohol

I spray myself with alcohol to prevent pests. Does anyone else do something similar or better before they enter there grow?

I grow in my room and so I have my bed and everything next to my tent. So to change into clean clothes I would need a room to store clean shit in to change into and if I had that I would grow in it haha .


Negative captain. I do nothing of the sort. This is me, take me as i am or gtfo. My grows are a series of benign neglect. If its a picky plant, its gonna have a rough go in my house.


Picky plants are definitely concentrate material around here :sweat_smile:

I do. Also made it protocol on the farm if pests are real bad. Helps with cross contamination.


Yeah I haven’t seen any articles so I was wondering if it even works. We have a lot of dogs, cats and horses, so I’m always scared of an infestation.

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I drink mine… :laughing:


No Foliar feed for you uh?? Haha


now that you mention it…Umm yeah when I have a little too much…It tends to foliar feed my chin :rofl:
And to your question No Im outdoor so Im at the will of mother nature…But I have heard of some growers “decontaminating” oneself before entering a grow room or tent,especially after being outdoors and/or around other garden areas to prevent bringing them into their grows.


If I have been messing with my other house plants I will wait till after I take a shower before I open my tent. Just good preventative practices imho.


oh yeah thats good rule

dude are pest pretty bad outside or what? i always wondered

I visited a commercial grower’s garden and was sprayed prior to being allowed to enter.
A joy to see Banano’s Grow


That makes me feel professional haha :face_with_monocle:


@DukeHale …here were I am. In my backyard (suburbs/Mediterranean climate) The main nemesis evil character are Caterpillars who decimate my crops… I HATE THEM!.. :hot_face: This year was bad…I had the BEST plants growing…killer buds…and all of sudden they started eating the stems and ruining my babies!!..Im going to try ans use an enclosed screen/mesh type this season if possible…Its hard to really grasp what it feels like to go through an (auto) season with beautiful plants only to have them chewed up at the most important stage (flowering) by these pests…But thats pretty much it…“Catters” Im good on mold,fungus,Gnats,white-flies,aphids etc…Oh they will still be around but not a problem like the Catter…With them I want to be like …Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now…blow them up!! " I love the smell of napalm in the morning" :rofl: eradicate them all!!!


What a great movie :+1:
Good luck on them bitches this round. Maybe hang some bird feeders around. I do that around the garden and seems to help a lot on the maters :sunglasses:

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Will do!

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Dude I bet!!! HAHA. thats a whole new situation man I am glad im growing inside honestly.
I wonder if there are caterpillar traps? Or appropriately sized landmines for crawling critters haha, with as many legs as they have they would have to step on them at some point lol.

Thats just it… I still haven’t researched enough (lazy) to find out exactly how they get on the plant…I mean Ii know that a moth lays eggs on the leaves BUT I spray when in veg…and check very often…so Im wondering if they crawl or slide down a spider like web ( Ive actually seen some come off a hanging flower pot like that…) to get there. I need to check out some U.C extensions and or Entomology websites too find out

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Praying Mantis introduced to grow area might become a killing& feeding squad.

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Thanks @DEEPDIVERDAVE Thats a thought!! I’m not sure how long theyd stick around though? Outdoors its hard to keep any beneficial insects to stay put!