Spray mist on leaves

I noticed when you spray your plant with mist its starys to grow fast. All the top start to really pull up wards. I thought it was just me at first but i did it again and it really gets them going.wow they can drink water like thst to try it.
it’s making them grow faster

Just don’t soak them they always need a little help from top to and they can drink from there to

Watch misting with the lights on cuz it could cause them to burn


Lots of information on foliar sprays / feeding out there. Add a wetting agent like yucca to the water and it is even more effective.


What do you mean

@IsaacSierra1978 Your babies look good! and yes the proper application of a foliar spray does wonders!!@Medicineman33 That reminds me of that episode on “Growing Belushi” were he had a worker spray the plants with the lights on and ruined the whole crop… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Wetting agents decrease the surface tension between water and the leaves. Unscientifically speaking you can say they make the water wetter, lol. They make it more easy to absorb. I use RAW yucca in my nutrient solution and foliar sprays (which I rarely use). It’s fairly expensive. Before I had it I used a drop of plant based dish soap as a surfactant. It has about the same effect. It’s about $4 a bottle which is a lifetime supply.