Spotted leaves from the start

Anybody know what this is all about?

Looks like a classic ph problem, what soil brand, what water are you using, are you doing any ph adjusting of the water before giving it to the plant, adding anything to the water, how much water, how often?

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FFOF & Perlite i have only been misting she is only 12 days old. I did hydrate the soil some by putting the cup into a plate of water for maybe 20 mins. Prior to planting seed. I ph’d the water to 6.8. No nutes or additives and I’m using a primo water filler at Walmart to get the water, its filtered and blasted with UV but I don’t think it is RO. I transplanted into 3.5 gallon airpot today and gave it about a cup of Distilled water. The pic is just prior to transplant.

@Hellraiser @Covertgrower as I said above I have transplanted this lady. How should I proceed?

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Looks ok , she’ll make it out

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Thoroughly water.


Thank you

I wouldn’t be here without your help, thank you

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Misting is the worst way to water a plant, new growers would be better off if they just threw away the spray bottles and just poured water into the soil from day 1. In the future, just water the soil, then let it dry and repeat as needed, it works just fine.


Appreciate that.