Spots on my leaves Rust?

Hello all from Oklahoma. This is my first post. I have read alot on here over the past year that has always been informative. Im having an issue with a couple of my plants. I have rust spots on a couple of leaves on a couple of plants. All are clones but different strains. All are grown out doors in 3 gallon pots using Happy Frog. I don’t use any other products on them until they start to flower. At that point I use FF Cultivation Nation Bloom. They need about a half gallon of water every other day in this warm weather at a ph of 6.8. All are doing well other than the spots. 01Rswlhz

Dark Energy about 6 months old

The girls

This is the problem child
Dual OG 3 months old
Any help is appreciated

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They look fairly healthy. If outdoor plants with high humidity, I would expect it is a mold of some type. A hydrogen peroxide spray a couple times a day should take care of it.


Could you have splashed water on her?

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Could these have gotten wet?

Other thought…is there a glass table or a window that could be reflecting the sun light like a magnifying glass…this could cause burnig.


One piece looks like a sunburn, others look like a leaf varigation. But, more wilm pop in to help. Ladies look great though

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They are by windows on my deck, but I do move them around. They are outdoors and it has been extremely hot here. Well over 100 for several days with several more to come. I’ll try give them a little more protection during the higher heat. Thanks for all the input!

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