Speckled leaves - what now?

Haha rant away man. Rant away. Do you have pics?

Ahh and that helps. Still SUPER early in flower. The one not throwing pistils u can spray. Its helping. Use it. The type of bugs is important. DE only helps by killing eggs in soil (shredding it up) but nothing on the actual plant.

Try to sneak a peek at whatever the peat is. Then we’ll move on forward

This is my photo weeks ago around when the problem first started in can take a pic of the photo and autos soon so you can see what they look like now but for the most part i defoliated most of the effected leaves on my photo … So i should use the neem until i see pistols forming then stop? What about the autos with the pistols I got some DE on the leaves on that one too do you think it’ll be okay? I dont have a microscope to look at the leaves because i dont physically see bugs i saw something flying around once or twice but idk if that was just a gnat that got in from my house from outside or something

So you dont think i should spray the dr earth final stop at all? It has rosemary oil peppermint oil and garlic oil and some other stuff i forgot

If thats all? Then heck yea! I tried to look it up but am kinda spread. Spray that til the bottle hinges up lol

I just dont spray flowering plants. Hate the M word

Spray what till it hinges up the neem? Lol and what word is that mold?

Lol no the Dr Earth. Thats absolutely organic sounding. Most thing you dont know til you check the ingredients. Safe.

Neem is only for leafs to me.

Yup M word is Mold. Ive seen Bud Rot and White Powdery Mildew both take hold at diff times. Its worse then fighting pests.

These are the ingredients

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these are some updated pics from today after a couple attempts with neem oil and organic dr earth spray and DE added to soil

First is photo

Auto wk 5 from seed

Auto wk 3 from seed

What do you think I should do these 2 autos look crazy small for there age should I kill them and only focus on the photo since the autos getting bit tf up or whats your opinions?

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Keep em. They may surprise you. If they start flowering with no explosion maybe id cull. But u have tyhe stretch coming first.

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