Specious staminate flowers (Bananas)

I have an extremely healthy green crack that is 4 weeks into flower. Today I noticed a small growth that when I look up seem to be Specious staminate flowers (Bananas).

I’ve read some people say they are harmless, other say cut down the plant. I pull off at least 12 of them, but I’m sure there are more. There are other plants in the tent.


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Segregate the plant that’s throwing bananas. Check for light leaks.


Do you have pics, are they supposedly feminized seeds. As @BobbyDigital says isolate it and try to find reason if it is not a regular seed.


They were feminized seeds raised in a very stable environment… Could be light sneaking in…


Looks like a nanner.

Segregate that plant. Try to pull them all off. Plan to harvest early. Once they self pollinate whatever buds you have will rapidly focus on creating seeds and all that beautiful sticky resin will disappear.


I agree, your plant looks to be going hermaphrodite.


Thats unfortunate… this one looked as if it may have been my best yield yet. I have segregated it and will try and remove the nana’s as they appear. Will try and push it as long as possible.


Yesturday I pulled off a dozen or so. Today 2 dozen. I’m assuming tomorrow it will be more. And I might start losing the battle, and not getting them off before pollinating. Or do you think I will be able to keep them at bay? If not, when should I pull the plug?

I’ve had several plants start throwing “nanners”. I tried keeping up, but ultimately lost the battle every time. .

My experience has been harvest ASAP, or give up completely. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


No apology needed. I appreciate the advice.

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Were these seeds directly from a breeder, or bag seed?

Def check for light leaks. Could be an led, or even a power strip with a light in your tent.

I’ve grown a few plants. I’ve def stressed a bunch. The only ones that ever went herm, or threw nanners, were of questionable genetics.

FWIW, I’ve never had ILGM genetics turn on me.

They were from a reputable dealer. Top quality feminized. Might have been a light leak from the air intake screens below. Or possibly a drop in temp for a light or two. Lesson learned. You can never be too safe.

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If you left those open, I’d venture to say that’s it. Although, the other plants in the tent are ok, correct?

Yes. So far… I have the vents open in a way that light should not be able to get it. I dont know any other way I could keep the vent open and still protect from the light.

So after my daily inspection. There are no more nanners appearing. I still believe that none of them had their opportunities to drop pollen.

So does this mean they might have stopped? Or has it actually been pollinated and has now moved onto seed production?

I would say you are day to day on what is happening. Keep checking for seed formation, if you see any chop it! If you don`t …? Wait on her a little. I don’t know why it would have stopped producing nanners, but it happens.

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I dont think this is necessary true. When younwant complete darkness, the best way it to isolate it (close all vents, light leaks etc). See snells’law for example. Even in its not direct light, there will be some reflection/refraction getting in. If intake/exhaust is a concern id revisit your intake exhaust systems. I’m going to reread the post now, but id recommend closing the vents and sealig it off completely and then find the limiting factor (air intake fan, etc).

I agree. But once the sex is determined, you cant fight nature. If a plant goes herm, it went herm. Id remove it, watch the others and keep an eye on seeds. The vents are great for ventilation in the veggie state and in the flowering stage if the surrounding area is kept completely dark. Other than that, id install and air intake and exhaust system.

Thanks for the tips @JustSomeDude

My plant has bot shown any sign of new “nanner” for three days. And I still havent seen any sign of seed production. The buds are still growing and the resin seems to be increasing still.

I’m gonna continue a day to day with this and see where it goes.


I will certainly look into this. Always looking at improving.