Sour diesel grow Leaves curling up and discoloring please help!

I’ve asked a couple times on here just trying to see if I can get a couple different opinions this started happening to my girls about a week ago I water about once to twice a week depending on how dry the soil is I feed every other Time my water , I feel with Foxfarm grow big PH is around 6 to 6.5 none of the leaves are in contact with the soil also the soil I use is Foxfarm ocean forest any advice would help thanks in advance!!!

Tag hellraiser and he can answer about any problems you have with your plants, this guy knows what he is talking about and don’t mind giving advice

How old are your plants, looks like mute burn to me( but I don’t know anything lol) ocean forest doesn’t need any nutes till week 4 or5

Looks like it came in contact with the soil. This happens, you can remove the leaf if you choose to.

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That’s what I was thinking as well but it’s also happening to some of the top And leaves as well

Bro how do you tag people on new to the site :joy:

put a @ in front of there name. @Hellraiser help this man out please

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