Sour D Opinions

Im on day 29 Of flower, i did a trimming of fan leaves couple weeks back and it has alot of fan leaves again.

Feeding Sensei bloom Part A&B, Big bud, bud candy, molasses

Temps are 65-70F with a heater and the humidity is 79% atm bc it just rained and its a Greenhouse grow

Any idea how to reduce that? dont got the money for a dehumidifier atm, forgot to add maybe the humidity is high bc their is water in the inside gotta wait for it to dry out.

Plants are SMELLYYY and so sticky here some pictures any opinions are welcome ! My last outdoor grow till next year :frowning:


The only other way to help with your RH is alot of airflow and defoliation

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In the day the rh is ehh ita def lower then 79% and for defoliation im on week 4 of flower can i still do some defoliation? and like i said it rained just yesterday so it upped the humidity alot i have 2 fans moving the air mostly all day since 1pm till around 5

Just remembered a cheap hack I read works

I would run your fans 24 hours a day. Yes you can take off some big leaves, don’t over do it but any leaves stacked on each other take one of em. Just do your best to keep everything from touching each other buds, leaves, branches. I’d hate to see you lose such a beautiful little lady

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even at night should i run the fan ? just 1 ? bc i have a heater in their since it gets cold as well so i added a heater and yeah it would suck i got 40 plants like tha haha my last outdoor grow

so you recommended to keep a fan running all night ?

I copied your picture and scribbled yellow looks good blue needs some help

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help as in how ?

Yeah I would keep fans on 24 hours 4sure. Another hack I thought up take a drinking straw and suck a string through it tie each end to two branches (very loosely the string can damage the skin) and the straw will help you hold em apart

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The blue looks like it is all still touching maybe try the straw hack or cut a few leaves. It might just look like everything is touching, if not don’t worry about it I just wanted to point out what looked to be a place where moisture could get trapped. Trapped moisture is what will cause mold. I don’t mean to panic you if I am, just trying to help

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sounds goos ill keep the fan on tomorrow all night got around 4-5 weeks left and all the other plants are tied up with like some sort of bamboo sticks so their good the picture you circled has no sticks just green tape holding them gon buy some within the week

yeah i get wha you mean gonna need to take some fan leaves off from their they do seem like their are touching alot

Sorry again if I panicked you lol wasn’t my goal. I read what I wrote and it panicked me. Hope I helped, they look beautiful good job. @ me if I can (scare) help you again I’ll try


haha sounds good so wha i should be doing rn is, cut some fan leaves touching eachother and stuff and leave a fan running 24/7

I will be running that fan but its not in the same position anymore its just flipped over now and the humidity is only a night problem

Nice setup :+1: I would definitely run the fans airflow is important with high RH. It is supposed to make plants create more trichomes too. Good luck :evergreen_tree::yum:

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thanks ! and ill be sure to do that run the fans nd do just a lil defoliation

last question, do you see the temp gadge on the wood ? is tha fine where its at ?

I’m stuck growing indoors right now but I keep one like that just on a wall in the room but then I hang one from a string so I can adjust it but keep it right at the top of my canopy. It’s the little orange thing in this pic… oops wrong pic