Some South-African traditional food recipes, for those who are interested 🇿🇦


Milk Tart Malva Pudding

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this irresistible Milk Tart Malva Pudding! This delightful dessert combines the rich, creamy goodness of traditional milk tart with the moist, spongy texture of malva pudding. It’s a match made in dessert heaven that’s sure to tantalise your taste buds. Whether you’re a fan of classic South African treats or simply love indulging in delicious desserts, this is a must-try.

Serves 8 - 10

2 hrs


Malva pudding:

2 eggs
22g Caster sugar
25g Salted butter, melted
90ml Milk
60g Apricot jam
140g Cake flour
½ tsp Bicarbonate of soda
½ tbsp vinegar

Malva pudding syrup:

40g Unsalted butter
15g sugar
90ml Cream

Milk tart layer:

1 ltr Milk
1 Cinnamon quill
2 Eggs
200g Sugar
3 tbsp Flour
3 tsp Vanilla bean paste
60g Butter
Ground cinnamon, for dusting


Malva pudding:

  1. To make the malva pudding base, preheat the oven to 175°C.
  2. Prepare a 20 x 20 cm dish with Spray & Cook.
  3. Combine the eggs and sugar, and whip until pale and fluffy.
  4. Add the melted butter, milk, and apricot jam. Sift the flour and mix until well combined.
  5. Then, add vinegar to bicarbonate of soda. This will fizz quite quickly, so act fast and add the mixture to the batter. Mix until well combined.
  6. Pour the batter into the prepared dish and bake for 50 minutes.

Malva pudding syrup:

  1. Ten minutes before the pudding is done, prepare the syrup.
  2. Place a dish over medium heat, and add butter, sugar, and whipping cream.
  3. Once the butter has melted, stir until well-combined and remove from heat.
  4. Remove the pudding from the oven and while hot, use a spatula and go around the edges of the dish to loosen the pudding from the sides.
  5. Pierce a few holes in the pudding for the syrup to seep in easily.
  6. While very hot, ladle the syrup over the pudding so that it will be easily absorbed.

Milk tart topping:

  1. Allow the pudding to cool completely before adding the milk tart topping.
  2. To make the milk tart layer, place a pot over medium heat, and add the milk and cinnamon quill.
  3. Allow the milk to come to a boil before removing it from the heat and setting it aside.
  4. In a large bowl, combine the eggs, sugar, cornflour, flour, and vanilla bean paste. Whisk until smooth.
  5. Pour in the heated milk in a steady stream, constantly whisking until well combined. Then, pour the custard into a dish and place over medium heat.
  6. Add the butter and mix until well combined.
  7. Allow the custard to cook through and thicken. Once thick, ladle the custard over the malva pudding base and use an offset spatula to smooth out the top.
  8. Dust some ground cinnamon over the top and place the milk tart malva pudding in the fridge to set for a minimum of 2 hours.
  9. Serve & enjoy!

Goal for myself: When the final harvest is in off my September 2023 plants i want to make some cannabutter with it and then use it in this Milk tart Malva pudding recipe above.
Think it will taste fantastic being a butter rich recipe…


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Malva pudding
2 eggs NOT 20 eggs…!
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The Milk tart/ Malva pudding is two desserts combined in one…!

Traditional :south_africa: Milk tart

Traditional :south_africa: Malva pudding


Looks amazing! Thank you! Can’t wait to see more!


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Thanks @Caligurl and @Lostgirl
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Anytime! Ask away! I’m always learning and making new things. I’ve just been working so much, I haven’t had time to do anymore tutorials ;-( Soon though, I promise!


How awesome, thanks for sharing! Think I might have to give it a go! I’m always looking for new recipes. Love whipping up new thing to try.


Simple spinach and feta bread recipe

  1. buy or make your own white bread dough, let it rise in the sun for about 30min before rolling the dough out.

  2. i made a “creamed spinach paste” to spread on top of the rolled dough
  1. spread the cooled off spinach paste onto your dough. Cut the feta cheese into smaller pieces and sprinkle on top off the creamed spinach paste.

  2. roll up the dough like a pancake and place into your greased baking tray.

  3. bake and enjoy…! (Baking time is going to vary from oven to oven - normal oven 180 degrees for about an hour) My Bosvarkie oven takes 2 hours on medium to high heat.

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This dish is proudly :south_africa: :south_africa: …!
Enjoyed by many proudly South-African cultures… everyone with their own recipe.

Mielie pap - putu pap - maize porridge


  1. Boil water and add salt to taste

  2. Add maize meal to the boiling water until your stirring stick stays in the middle of the pap after mixing the porridge well.

  3. Add moderate amount of full cream to the pap mix, continue hand beat the mixture over moderate heat.

  4. Cover pot halfway so that the steam can still escape while cooking for 2 hours over moderate heat - hand beat the porridge about every 20 minutes while cooking.

  5. After the 2 hours of cooking, the pap will have a nice firm form. Ready to be dished up with either a tomato and onion sauce served with meat.

I cooked some “sweet and sticky marinated” lamb ribs, pepsi cola as fluid with carrots, onions, potatoes and green peppers in my bosvarkie oven last night. Leftovers was left in the fridge, warmed it up over the oven plate until all those lamb juices melted then dished up over the mielie pap… Mmmmmmm
Super Juicy and nice…

To those who want to try it… enjoy…!
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:south_africa: Wortelkoek - Carrot Cake


Bake at 160 degrees Celsius for one hour until baked/cooked

500ml cake flour
10ml baking powder
7.5ml baking soda
15ml “mixed spice”

5ml salt
250ml whole wheat flour - “Nutty wheat”
250ml fine desiccated coconut
250ml brown sugar
315ml oil (sunflower/olive)
4 eggs
2 cups (500ml) grated carrots
250ml - tin pineapple crushed, in light syrup (drained from the syrup)

125ml fine pecan-nuts
60ml apricot jam

  1. Sift the cake flour, baking powder, baking soda, mixed spice and salt together.
  2. Add the whole wheat flour, coconut and sugar.
  3. Mix oil and eggs together, add the carrots, pineapples, pecan nuts and apricot jam to the mix and mix well.
  4. Add above mixture to your dry ingredients and mix wel.
  5. Pour mixed dough in baking tray and bake.
  6. Let the cake cool off before icing.

Icing ingredients:

500ml icing sugar
150gram cream cheese
30ml lemon juice
125ml mixed nuts

  1. Sift icing sugar and mix well with cream cheese and lemon juice.
  2. Spread over the cake and sprinkle nuts ontop.

Enjoy my cannafamily…!


thanks for the recipes, now I’m sad I have to go to work instead of staying home to smoke dubs and trying them all


Thank you @Bosvarkie! It sounds amazing! Hopefully I can try to make this soon!

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Traditional :south_africa: Vetkoek recipe


2 cups lukewarm water

¼ cup white sugar

1 (.25 ounce) package active dry yeast

7 cups all-purpose flour

2 teaspoons salt

3 cups oil for frying


  1. Mix lukewarm water, sugar, and yeast in a small bowl. Let stand until yeast softens and bubbles slightly, about 5 minutes.

  2. Sift together flour and salt in a large bowl.

  3. Pour yeast mixture over flour mixture and knead until dough is smooth and elastic, 5 to 7 minutes. Cover bowl with a clean cloth and let dough rise until doubled in volume, about 45 minutes.

  4. Pinch off a piece of dough about the size of a tennis ball; roll until smooth. Flatten ball of dough until it is palm-sized; set aside on a floured work surface. Repeat with remaining dough.

  5. Heat oil in a deep-fryer or large saucepan to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

  6. Fry in hot oil, 2 to 3 pieces at a time, until golden brown, about 3 minutes per side. Drain on paper towels.

Cook’s Note:

You may need to add more flour or water while kneading to achieve a bread dough consistency.

And enjoy my cannafamily…
Enjoy with beef mince, apricot jam, golden syrup… basically with anything…!


Busy with a roasted beef topside roll in the “Bosvarkie oven”
Carrots, potatoes and onions to roast with the meat (1.35 kg - R135 :south_africa: - $7 :us_outlying_islands: for the meat)
Cuts made into the meat, filled with " Garlic Mix"

Covered with butter and herb spices/bbq spice

Finally drizzled with olive oil and then ready to be roasted.

Wife enjoying the day…


Roosted beef topside roll came out okay…

Made some :south_africa: “pampoen koekies” to go with the meat and veggies…!
Used a “Boer pampoen” to make it:
“South Africa’s own Wit Boer Pampoen. Steeped in tradition. This is the real ‘Boere Pampoen’ that has a long standing reputation as an outstanding variety, one of the longer storing pumpkins with a superior flesh, texture and flavour.”

  1. Cook 2 cups (500ml) pumpkin - mashed
  2. Add 1/2 cup (125ml) - 60g flour to the pumpkin - mix
  3. Add 1t (5ml) baking soda to the mix
  4. Add salt to taste
  5. Mix two eggs together and add to the pumpkin mixture and mix well.

Fry in some butter and turn.

Mix cinnamon and brown sugar together and sprinkle over the pumpkin cakes…


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