Soil Temperature Recommendation

I recently grew 10 WW autos from ILGM. Thanks for all the wonderful support. First couple of plants were puny with airy buds. About 40g of dried trimmed bud per plant. Other plants much nicer and still drying. Had low air temp, low humidity, and high pH issues. I’m pretty sure those can be corrected on my next try. But, before I start, I would like to know if or how much the soil temperature plays into the growing. Once I finally figured out how to get the air temperature steady in a northern basement, I realized I was still using RO water at basement temperature to water the plants. The barrel is now in the room, but the soil temp never got over like 65 degrees. Should the soil temperature match the air temperature of 75 or so? Any professional or experienced advice gratefully welcomed. Thanks.

Nope. Your soil temp is perfect if its at 65F. You see, underground its much cooler than the air temp. The roots don’t like soil that’s hot or warm, so they grow down into the dirt, instead of up.

Correct your air temps, humidity levels, and most importantly the pH! You can have off air temps or humidity and still grow some premium buds, but if your pH is off then you’re just hurting yourself in the end. I know you’re new to growing, so I’m not trying to lecture you lol, I had terrible pH problems when I first started!

You sound like you learned a lot from your first plants, so I think you’ll do even better with the next grow! Good job and keep it up!