Soil pH won't budge?

So I posted a thread about my Candy Kush auto a few weeks ago. My leaves were dying at an alarming rate and I didn’t know why. After going through the ordeal of getting a solid ph meter my facts are my soil ph is low, 4.4 low to be exact. I’ve been trying to remedy for about 3-4 weeks now and it just won’t budge. I’ve used baking soda, hydrated lime, watering those things in (on separate occasions) with higher ph water around 7.5 to try and flush some acidity out. The growth is terribly slow and in all honesty if this problem never occurred I might’ve been harvesting right now. Any tips would be helpful. @Myfriendis410, @Deepsix

Sounds like lock out. You may need to flush with straight ph’d water. If you do then feed immediately after with correct ph water and food.

It may be lockout. I’ve been keeping track of the ppm’s too and they’re going down still. Started at around 2500 I believe I flushed then but after the watering I gave it today the run off read around 1200 which is quite low for flower. I had mixed about 2tbsp of Tiger Bloom and 1 tbsp of Cal Mag in todays water as well, first time i’ve given it any water mixed with nutes in about two weeks.

Definitely sounds like lockout.

If your that close to harvest you wont see much more growth. Could it be they’re as big as they are going to get?

Do you mean teaspoon? 2 tablespoons would be 3x the recommended full dosage.

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I would not be using either of those to raise PH especially hydrated lime.
Get some dolomite lime either powdered or pelletized available at most big box stores in garden center like Lowe’s etc. powdered can be mixed with water and watered in or either can be top dressed and watered in.
If top dressing with powdered dolomite lime sprinkle on top like powdering a doughnut just covering the surface lightly. Don’t go big at first just add and water in and check and adjust accordingly

Can you post some updated pics


yes I did mean teaspoon haha thanks for the catch

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