Soil for veg period

A question from a fellow grower:

Is miracle grow ok for veg. Period? Or… what do you recommend? Using the fox ocean blend soil. Thank you!!!

I for one have been using the miralce grow moisture control and I have not fed them yet only water they have been in veg tent 5 maybe 6weeks and are almost 2feet high…here is a pic they are 5 NL. 5 SS and 5 OG Krush item not going to feed it till they show me they need it. Hope this helps you out Clair.


Sorry Clair here are a couple of pic’s of my ladies that are in miracle grow moisture control only water so far week 5 1/2.


I personally prefer the Ocean Forest. However; You can grow in whatever you want, as long as you are willing to adapt to issue presented by any particular potting soil.

It is a matter of choice and in the end you will find that the better quality of Medium you use will result in a better end product and yield. :slight_smile:

I like the fox farm ocean also. I use it in pots and in my outside grow mixed with soil, but it’s mostly the fox stuff, we are in the desert and the dirt here sux.
I wish I could find it cheaper, 15.99 a bag hurts lol but it works

so my question is this a good soil for a rookie the fox farm ocean forest from start to finis.Brought a bag of Dr earth for 56 bucks and on results yet

I’m feeling pretty frustrated w/ fox farm products. Last year, I did my first grow in years with regular dirt, using first Miracle grow and then Big Bud Nutes. I had a great crop in my grow tent and not ONE hole or indication of bugs or anything. It was so great to see that it could be done, especially inside my home.
So, I decided to bump up the products, and went with the combo Ocean Forest and Happy Frog, and I have the Fox Farm trio - Big Bloom, Grow Big and Organic Base Fert according to schedule. The first four weeks were amazing in growth. 8-10inch growth, bushy, green. There were one or two issues, but for the most part, all was well.
Right now, I’m looking at two plants with some brown spots on the back of some of the leaves, a few leaves with holes in it them, and a few leaves that have been eaten away on one side (no, I can’t send a photo).
Some mutations have appeared, and so I stopped using the Trio and stayed with water hoping to wash out what must have been some of the ferts responsible, but I just don’t know anymore. There doesn’t appear to be “lock out,” and only once have I ever poured less than a cap of “B” into the bottle for foliar spray.
I’ve been checking search engines, and there are people who have had problems like mine with Fox Farm. I’m hoping someone here can help to explain and/or tell me what to do to fix this?
I was so excited about using Fox Farm, because way back in the old days (lol) I used mix my own dirt, and the ingredients in the Trio were what I mixed in my soil (dry), but now I’m thinking next time to stay with what I know. I don’t want to move to flowering until this is resolved.
Any advice appreciated.:slight_smile:

so far everythng is looking looking good with my Dr earth soil ( even though this has a high cost) I’m 10 for 10 growing orange kush so you may want to try it next time (black bag Dr earth with bat guano)

Congrats! I used something similar last crop, and had no issues. It’s just odd how this has turned on me. If you saw how fast my guys went from seed to plant, you’d be running like the wind to Fox Farm, but somehow what was good for it at four weeks, isn’t any help right now.:frowning: Today one of my already affected plants have a bunched/matted clump in the center, like all the leaves sprouted at one time and are crowding each other out. I checked it, that’s what it is - a clump of leaves that all sprouted at the same time and are folding in on itself. The leaves in this clump is less than a 1/2 inch in length. I’ve been scouring the search engines and YouTube for help. Bizarre.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to just switch out the dirt weekend. I’m afraid to flush the affected ones, because it’s less than a month in this soil, and I’m sure there are plenty of nutes in it still. Don’t want to risk lock out. Besides, I’m not crazy about the smell of this soil.
Will keep posting changes.

thanks for the congrats kids still good however growing up slow only had them under 1000w for 3 days working on my temp my be to cold for my babies getting temp from middle of tent pumping cool air on the bottom of tent temp gauge stay fro 75 degrees to 90 ???