So my apartment is about %74 humidity

Im getting a dehumidifier for 4500sqft my apartment is prob 1600 at most. Im getting a small one for in the tent itself whats your experiences with extremely high humidity environments and how do you feel is the best way to combat it. should i bring humidity down like %5 lower than recommended for godfather og just to play safe ?
Curious to that sense in my head the humidity would constantly try to rise and i figured id want it lower than recommended to be safe but not sure.

I like to keep it simple and shoot for >50% RH in veg and <50% RH in flower to minimize the risk of mold or mildew. I would otherwise only be concened if RH if >65% or lower than 35%. A dehumidifier can help, but keep in mind that dehumidifiers output quite a bit of heat in your grow space, trading one problem for another. Your best bet for RH control is to increase airflow.

Cannabis is cannabis and strain has little to to with RH requirements. The differences between the strains are limited to the cannabinoid content and terpine profiles, coloration late in flower, and some level of environmental stress resistance. The individual strains are not differing species of plants.


Is 74% humidity in your apartment normal?
As temperature rises (think lights in a sealed tent) relative humidity goes down. What you need to know is when it’s all set up what is the environment when lights are on and when lights are off? Temps and humidity are inverse when temps go up humidity goes down and when humidity goes up it can lower temps when temps go down humidity goes up.
VPD is what you want to try and keep in mind with each cycle of the plant being different
All have their own needs…

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The dehumidifier will be oitside the tent to relive overall humidity but ill have a small one in the tent to just bakance it out.

This was my thought too. If it’s high because you have adult plants that have caused an humidity buildup, then getting the whole apartment down will be the biggest hurdle. Dehumidifying in the lung room should be enough to control the home much easier after that.

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No its just generally that humid here

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Bummer. Tough environment for an indica.

yeah thats why itll be inside so i can control the humidity trying to figure out best way to do so, what i figured was 4500sqft constant pump dehumidifier for whole apartment then a smaller one for in with the plant.

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Just get one for the room where tent is and if there is a door to that room close it and run the unit and control from there.
I doubt you’ll need nor want one in the tent.

I strongly suggest getting everything set up first tent, lighting, exhaust fan etc as if your in the middle of a grow and chart the temps, humidity etc lights on and lights off and go from there.
You’d be surprised how much just the daytime lights on changes the humidity and until your up and running who knows…

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