Small tent grow humidity issues

35 days in on first grow. Gorilla Glue, Auto, Fem, 2x4x5 tent, 4 inch Vivo Sun fan, plus 2 oscillating fans, temps running low 80’s, Coco medium, 2 Vivo sun 300 watt LEDs. Plants in flower. Humidity is 62%. Too high? do I need a dehumidifier? Best one? Recommendations?

62% is a bit too high for flowering and you risk mold/mildew. One way to mitigate it is to increase airflow in the tent. Even if the airflow doesn’t reduce RH, it will still help.

You can run a dehumidifier in the same room, but be aware that it will generate heat in the room, which may be an issue with temps in the low 80s. I run a 30 pint dehumidifier I got from Home Depot and it takes about a gallon of water a day out of the air. I have it set on 45% RH and it keep the room at that level. I run it on constant speed toward the end of the grow when the risk of mold/mildew is at its greatest.

I have my tent in a storage room. Approximately 120 square feet. Currently, humidity at 58%. The airflow seems good. 4 inch vivosun fan up all the way plus two fan oscillating fan and another small fan. Plants are in a breezy environment. I have a 6 inch vivosun fan that I originally tried, but it wanted to blow the plants right out of the tent. I was worried about plant stress. Since the air is being sucked into the tent, do I just put a room dehumidifier in the storage room or does it have to go in the tent? Not much room.

You can put a dehumidifier in the room, or hang one from the top of the tent. I use the Vivosun dehumidifier and it hangs from the top poles.