Small leaves with 3 leaf support leaves?

200 watts tent grow 3rd attempt. Neuts and flush every third day. I think I have two strains because one or two plants out of five are very thin with three leaf support leaves. Buds are present. On the left. This is week seven.

What is going on with these? Should I be concerned?

Are they autos? If so, the one on the left looks like the Ruderalis gene may be expressing it’s self more than desired.
Is the one on the right showing any sign of flowering yet? If not you may want to change the lights to 12/12 to jump start the process.

What light are you using? 200 watts is not really enough light for that size canopy. That only covers about 2x2 area. They look pretty healthy but for nice tight buds you will need more light IMHO.


Thanks for the reply! They were on autos and I was on a 20/4 light program. I have that extra plant light in there on 24… will the ones on the left buds get bigger?

3’3” square tent

Hard to predict what they will do. I believe this is what pure ruderalis buds look like.

They try to strike a balance when breeding seeds where it flowers automatically but still makes decent buds. The ruderalis gene is also what causes autos to be smaller with “airy” buds.



They are supposed to be gorilla glue From ILGM. I think there’s a different strain in there. Buy five, get five. One didn’t germinate and I have four seeds left with five plants in a 3 x 3.

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They can look and act really different from one plant to the next. The forum is full of examples where they say raised exactly the same but very different. Gorilla Glue Auto is a hybrid made up of three other strains plus enough Ruderalis to cause it to flower automatically. Those 3 strains are crossbreeds of some heirloom landrace strains. I have had autos of the same strain produce over 4 oz while some gave up less than an ounce.
We can get some more eyes in here too. :eye: :eye: @Docnraq @OGIncognito @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @merlin44 just a random few to start us off.


Thanks for the tag @HMGRWN. I have had plants from seeds that are assumed to be the same strain look very different from one another. I say it that way because I did not produce the seeds myself so assume that the seed bank or breeder did not mix them up.

We hear and see this concern quite often. I think it is just the natural variations as each seed may represent its genetic makeup differently than the next.


Thanks for the useful information!!! I’m trying not to water too much (2-3days), and I thought I may have been starving them. Every other time with molasses and nutrients. I’ll give a harvest report on this thread sometime in April.


Agreed, seems like it would just be different phenotypes.


I had a run that was all Bruce Banner Autos. 2 were purple 1 was green and another speckled green and purple. This is normal.

As mentioned above more light will give you better results.


My light is putting out around 4-500 lumes

And 18/6 schedule. Was 20/4

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Then your a few thousand lumens short

In terms of light and how much of it you want, shoot for 30-40+ watts per square foot of growspace. Once a light is matched to the size of your growspace, you will want…

There are calculators to convert lumen to ppfd for you if you can only measure lumen.
You can also use DLI to measure light requirements by stage.

Download the photone app to get a free to use, relatively accurate light meter.


I probably have the figures wrong.

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