Slow start but fast growing but yellowing lower leaves

Once my plants shot up lower leaves started drying and dying off .
Is it a water problem or normal ?
The plants are still beautiful.
They are gorilla glue in soil ,small grow tent .

Welcome to the forum @meatman01. A picture would sure help with the diagnosis.

Cheap phone doesn’t take a good picture plus I’m not very tech savvy.
Also was wondering I used miracle grow topsoil would it hurt or help to use miracle grow powder and feed them once a week or should I just leave well enough alone . I’m gonna try scrounging but I’m afraid of hurting them if I try lollipoping .

I got a late start cause I started with og kush and they all died . I had a lot of gorilla glue seeds and haven’t lost any . Go Figure ?

This might help.


Greatly appreciated.

After looking at your photos I’m certain I need ammonia and possibly a little salt . Extremely helpful !! Thank You

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A little ammonia, backed off on water and adjusted lights now all is well ! Share some photos later .