Slow growth white widow indoor

One thing I’m going to tell you right now it’s way too hot in there for those little girls and your humidity is way way too low man! Next thing is I had some trouble with white widow myself two of them seem like they stunted on me then I used this stuff called recharge and it sure brought them back!

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Temps and humidity recommendations

Try and get them dialed in as close as you can
High temps try and keep 80 or so…by adding humidity it will lower the temps a few too…hot day and then it rains…cools things down
Bottom water the saucer and let the water wick up into soil and the roots seek water and will grow down…
Keep lighting tuned down when they are seedling and ramp it up as they progress

What media (soil) are they in?

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They are in fox farm ocean forest potting soil organic mix. The temp is holding at 80 to 82 humidity is at about 22% I have mhs light in right now set at 600

And how much of the recharge do you have to use per plant? I’m looking on amazon and I am not sure what size to get. Thamks

Should be closer to 75-80% humidity
Your temp to humidity range is OFF the chart…red zone…danger Will Robinson danger. You want to get that dialed in using a humidifier. When your basics aren’t in tune the rest becomes much harder.

I don’t use recharge but maybe @BRFarming420 can help.

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So right now I can not afford a humidifier I live in Massachusetts so money really tight right now as not sure of lock down might be put in place. Are there alternatives to increasing humidity? And o have fox farm nutrients big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom should I use one of those?

I’ve put a towel in a wide, flat, open container like a seedling tray and drenched it with water. It helps, especially if you run a fan over the top of it.

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Ok I’ll try that. And will fox farm grow big or big bloom help at this point I have both?

As you are in FFOF, I wouldn’t introduce any fertilizers for ~6 weeks from your last transplant.

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Thankyou its frustrating because some people are telling me to use different things and others are saying no. I’m going to put the wet towel in there to get the humidity up. And as soon as I can buying a humidifier!! Im just not looking to spend money on anything else til this lovely crisis is over!!

Understood. You won’t find many people around here who would encourage you to add nutes to a grow in FFOF until you get near flowering.

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You just have to make sure the soil and roots are drenched thoroughly per plant so however much it takes. I use 1 teaspoon per gallon water. Depends on how many plants you’re trying to feed depends on how many gallons you’re gonna need.

Get a gallon bucket of hot water and stick it inside that tent, it’ll increase some humidity in there for a little bit. Keep replacing it with hot water , it will increase the humidity inside there.

Back to basics. Monitor your PPMs. If your PPMs are in line, then you are good.

With new FFOF your PPMs are going to be relatively high.

Folks generally consider the FF feeding schedule to be aggressive and feeding should not be followed in the absence of PPM monitoring. A generally accepted, revised PPM guide is:

The use of nutes and when do use them is totally dependent on the type of grow you’re doing but like you I’m using all fox farm products so I’m not feeding mine until about week five. These are the only products I use in the meantime since they’re so low on nutes and won’t cause any nutrient burn they definitely help the plan out though! I’ll feed them twice a week with the stuff you see in the first picture then I’ll flush the roots with the stuff from the second picture up until week 5 of veg then I will follow the Foxfarm feeding schedule with their dirty dozen package till harvest.

I get RH real low depending on the RH% outside. My plants do just fine. I understand growers should have a higher RH but what is good for ole Mother Nature and its good enough for me. You have seen my photos.

I have three buckets with no plants in them and I may put some water in them so it will raise the RH up. Like today the RH is running in the low 50’s.

Here’s hum chart

Well I got the humidity up 3 plants seem to be reaching and others seem duller here are some pics can I have opinions please