Slight positive pressure - bad for plants?

I have the same fans working as intake and exhaust. When I recently installed a carbon filter on the exhaust it resulted in some minor positive pressure. It’s not full balloon mode but the walls of the tent have more tension than they did previously. Am I hurting my plants? Or would the only concern be stress on the tent zippers / seams? If that’s the case I’m just going to leave well enough alone. It’s not enough tension where Im worried about the tent.

The reason for negative pressure is it contains the smell. Positive pressure will push the smell out of the tent before it has the chance to go through the scrubber. It won’t hurt the plants either way


Beat by mere seconds!


Sweet, thanks it’ll stay that way til my wife complains about smell again then I’ll figure it out :joy:. Long as my babies are good. Thanks for the reply

Appreciate the thought brother!

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