Siamese twins/triplets/quadruplets or really fast weird growth?

I popped one of my ILGM Super Skunk seeds into water 48 hours ago. Yesterday it had a tiny (about 1/8 inch) sprout beginning to appear. Today there are four white growths coming out of the seed. I’m not sure if this is some kind of siamese situation or if the tail and the sprout just decided to explode into growth overnight. Even if it’s the latter, what are the two white growths in the middle?!? None of my other seeds did anything like this - they simply sprouted a tail and then the plant popped up a few days later, after being put in soil.

I put the longest part down into the soil and the other end just on the surface.


cool put her in some soil, lets see what happens!!

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I don’t know what’s going on there but I’m interested to see what it does. Keep us posted.


I am going to follow this grow. Too cool, is it multiples or an alien? Yikes…

May end up like 2 of mine. Doesn’t seem to have a main stem. No training they just started out doing it


That’s the way it is.

the freshly hatched seed has ONE tap root,TWO beginner leaves which open and keep growing…AND…THE TUFF MEMBRANE THAT COVERS THE SLEEPING BABY UNTIL IT HATCHES.

Make sure you carefully remove the now useless husk of the seed. Carefully

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@TommyBahama keep us in the loop?!?!

I have one like this, it’s an Afghan. It still has two sprouts but slow growing.

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Yeah, so far nothing has popped out of the soil - it’s been 5 days. I sure hope it takes…

keep humidity high? and warm?

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I had a seedling do the same thing, changed my soil and added a humidifier 2 days ago and she is just now getting her 2nd set of leaves. So most definately humidity is key. She is 20 days old

Is that good for all sprouts? High humidity and higher than normal temps?

@Psu8286 i dont have exact figures but yes in general you want higher humidity during veg and lower humidity during flower. ideal temp depends on a humidity range. vapor pressure deficit, search this forum for it

Well, 9 days later and nothing came up out of the soil. I also accidentally knocked over the cup this morning, and saw the seed lying there - it didn’t look good. It has shriveled up to half the size it was and is kind of tough feeling - not quite hard, but getting there. Like a stiff leather.
I don’t know if it was too dry, too wet, too cold or too hot. I took photos for people to see, though:

nutrient burn?

my first thought was it dried out, but under mag the tip doesnt look dry it looks burned. idk ive never had this problem.

what soil ru using. wwhats ur ph?

i use ffof even for seedlings but i precondition the soil with a soak. then i use ph adjusted water until the seed leaves dry and fall off

The soil is Fox Farms Happy Frog. The pH is 7.0. The temperature was 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit and I was doing a light mist of water 3 times a day. This is the same method I used for seeds I germinated 3 months ago, and 3 out of 4 of those sprouted just fine. As the days went on with no sprout appearing, I did try with and without a humidity dome to see if it would make any difference.

ph for soil grow should be 6.5. i think that could have done it. also u want high humidity

Yeah, that’s my fault. I water my established plants with pH 6.5 water. I know the pH doesn’t matter at the stage where the seed “pops”, so I was using plain 7.0 water for that, and continued to do so for the sprouting stage.

well if ph doesnt matter then i dont know how to help u. sorry good luck

Well, pH is obviously very important. But, I was told at that particular stage, the pH didn’t matter. See the following link: