Shoutout to all stoners!

Hey been mulling around for just about 2 years and notice some folks haven’t been around much and hope is all well. @North_East_Newbie @Capt_Seeweed @Momtomask @Countryboyjvd1971 @highcountrygal I know there are more. So just saying what’s up hope your grow is green and growing.


@Smokin_ernie I’m here almost daily…just been real busy with PT and legal issues with a neighbor…a real mental midget :angry:…that should be coming to an end in a few weeks…:relieved:

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Hello Capt. always happy to meet vets. Sucks that ur dealing with neighbor bs. Been there done that. Also thank u for ur service


Shouting back my friend… :grin:


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:dash::dash: puff puff pass! Enjoy

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Sorry @PurpNGold74 I am not a vet…name is from my genealogical research and all the sea captains in my past…but I too support our troops and all that have served in our past…


Ahhh. Sorry u misunderstood. Ur an ILGM vet.

I said thanks for ur service cuz i read PT. My misunderstanding. No big

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