Should i remove shady fan leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

have these Ww plants under 700w of lights combined. All i did was pinch out the apical meristem after 6 sets of leaves at about 6" tall. They blew out new growth like crazy. I never seen this on any other strains. I would like to know how to deal with this. Should i remove shady fan leaves so the new shoots get more light and maybe tie the stems down. Not sure. Please look at my pics from a week ago. Plants are even bushier today.


Mine look similar, I removed some of the fan leaves so some of the lower nodes will hopefully grow out for clone material or buds. I am wondering if when I flower it, if the areas with a lot of nodes will turn into chunky buds.

That will depend on the quality of light they get but many will produce buds yes

As for the topic I love when my plants are like that in veg and certainly wouldn’t prune yet I would raise the light 6-8" to get some of the limbs to shoot up a bit more then trim any weaker bottom ones right before flowering


So right now I think my plants are root bound (They’ve stopped growing), I am going to put them into 5 gal pots but if I were raise my light do you think some of the smaller under shoots would come up to be viable clone material?

I don’t see why you would have to raise your lights to take the lower small branches. You should be able to prune them off and root them as they are.