Should I harvest or wait it out

I started seeing signs of yellowing before I switched to flower figured it needed nutrients since i haven’t given it any…after giving it nutrients the yellowing continued…a couple weeks later gave it some more, didnt seem to help. Should I wait it out until harvest (2weeks from now) or harvest now before it gets any worse?

They look like you have at least four weeks to go. Feed her some Epsom salts and let her grow till she finishes.


What’s your pH? Light power/height? Medium?

Definitely let her keep growing. She is nowhere near ready for harvest.


I agree with the others, you’re quite a ways away from harvest time. If you have yellowing of leaves its likely a ph or nutrient issue.

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I don’t see how ppl deduct that harvesting early will ever help a problem other then the sence of time being wasted …I wouldn’t cuz early unless bud rot or a nosy landlord stumbles on your plants other then that …push it to the limit



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Will do, the ph is good so its definitely a nutrient problem…wish I didnt have to move and harvest early. It’s my first grow, any idea how the buds would turn out if harvested early?

Non potent stinky or tasteful it’ll be like smoking grass with keif on it you’ll rob your self if alot of fields size and ripening and potency come at the end if your tricomes do get to atleast be cloudy your rubbing your potency greatly …all milky tics is the highest thc content but amber is more of a body high depends what u want

It’s not worth all your effort to chop early. Truly, wait til the very last moment you can.