Should I be concerned about this?

I found this on my early stage flowering plant today. A milky substance below one of my smaller flowers on its stem. Also, here is one of the 4 little buggers that are responsible. Aphids, maybe? I washed the area off with water and killed the bugs. Any pointers and advice are greatly appreciated. These are the first pests I’ve encountered in this plant. I cant tell if the stem is affected if at all. I think I caught it early. It wasnt there when I checked the plant earlier in the day.

Looks like “Cuckoo Spit” to me and the bug is an immature froghopper. Hopefully this link is ok to share

Hit them with a jet of water or wipe them out by hand

Yep spit bug is what they are around here. Yep just smash and will be good to go. Happy growing

Wash plants with soap and water, also available organic bud sprays

Michael J. Washington

Dealt with these things earlier this season called them spit bugs as well don’t know if they harm plants but killed to make sure spotty substance wipes right off

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