Short flowering time

Most of the seeds I’ve ordered have an average flower time estimate of 8-9 weeks, but all of my plants flower in 6-6.5 weeks regardless of strain. Is this normal? Am I harvesting too early? Thanks in advance.

The plant will inform you when it is ready to be harvested regardless of any “estimated” time. Just keep looking for the telltale change in Trichome color. I am a Noob, however, as I understand it, this is the most accurate indicator… Do you have a least a 60X magnifier? There are cheap ones on the market that are very easy to use… Good luck and grow well


Thanks for responding! Yes, I use a 60x and when my trichomes are cloudy with just a very few turning amber, that’s when I harvest. I, too, am a noob and of course worry that I’m doing something wrong.

When breeder States flower time they basically mean from day one when it starts to flower to Harvest lot of strands will run longer than breeders estimated time.

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That’s the thing that has me confused, mine are averaging 6-6.5 weeks from the day I switch to 12-12. The one time I left them for 8 weeks they started sprouting “nanners” on the buds themselves.

I am pretty sure they cant be ready after 6 weeks… maybe you looking at the trichomes wrong (maybe you look at the leafes? you shouldnt)

pictures could help

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When you’re saying nanners on the buds are you talking about foxtailing.

Ahh, got you. That is exactly what I’ve been doing. Thank you for the information!

image No, these. (Not my actual pic, just a pic for reference) I hate to sound like a complete noob, but I’m a complete noob.

Welcome to the community I see in the picture what you’re talkin about. I do not know the correct term for that hopefully other community members will see picture and offer help thanks.

Yeah those are nanners. The tricomes on your sugar leaves will turn long before your actual flower will. For instance, most of my sugar leaves have had amber for the last 2 weeks. But my buds tricomes are just now cloudy.


Will that affect the final product .

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Just makes the high different. Harvesting earlier just means your smoke will be more of a 30 minute head rush. Basically like a short lived high

And you miss out on extra weight from the plant not having that last little bulking period


Good info I knew the community would come through thanks.

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Thank you so much, that is the exact info that I was needing! I knew this was the place to ask for help!

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Stick around and make yourself a grow journal. Learn some new stuff and meet some good people!!

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Welcome to ILGM!!! And they gotcha covered. Im willing to bet u were trich checking ‘sugar leaves’ you should always check buds tho. Thats the prize we puffing

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The “estimated flower time” posted is ONLY the time the plant is actually in flowering phase.
Prior to that…4 to 8 weeks of VEG…establishes roots to soak up nutes…and turn into flowering buds.

Generally, 4 weeks of VEG will do. 6 or 8 will do better …if you have the time to let it grow.

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That’s exactly what I’ve been doing! Thanks go out to you, Cheesemaker and imSICKkid for getting me on track!