Sf4000 light burn

I burnt one at about 16" at 60% during veg.

At the end in flower I was 15" at 70% and it seemed ok. Anything over 70 at any distance was burning it seemed. But maybe I did some invisible damage to all of them, earlier when one got really burnt, that effected their sensitivity to light later on

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Awesome, Thank you!! Looks like really good advice. Definitely gonna look into that and get some


I’m definitely switching to the mkp booster, thanks

Do you grow in soil?

I’ve never saw the epsom salt at 1.5. Maybe I’m thinking backwards

Thanks for all your help @Nicky


Epson salts not at 1.5 its at 1.2 but at the end of veg with powerful lights the plants get mag deficiencys I and others have found some even go to 1.8g

I have grown in soil I don’t anymore, soil imo is a waste of time in terms of cannabis growing.


Yeah, your not the first to point that out. Right now that’s what I’m set up for. I appreciate your honesty. I’ve looked at bubble buckets but don’t have the cash atm. The person that grows with me wants to stay with soil lol :laughing: I’m danged…

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I have cal/mag plus. Is that the same?

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When the bottom of your plant looks identical to top is probably not a light related issue. When your leaves are showing signs of necrosis though they will become more susceptible to light damage.


Your using jacks?

Jacks has calcium in part B its cal nitrate so calcium and nitrogen and mag in part C it’s mag sulfate.
Adding cal. Mag to jacks is not advisable and instead try to learn how to adjust your ratios to feed your plant.

Also good advice above.


Probably not fair pictures. The plant was overall dead i think at almost 15 weeks. It was going pretty good until the end

Here’s the whole grow at around 10-11 weeks


the forth one here is the GSC at first pictures of the dead llant

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Yes I’m using jack’s. First grow with it. 2nd grow overall. I haven’t added the cal mag this time but I have some

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I’m unsure what 2/2.7/2/1.2 represents, im sorry

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It’s the mkp mix

Jacks part A B C + mkp

You don’t need cal mag with Jack’s is what I’m. Saying, did you understand my above post?

Ignore Jack’s feed scedule, follow my advice above. It’s the one nutrient you don’t want to flow the feed scedule lol


[quote=“Nicky, post:33, topic:73580, full:true”]
It’s the mkp mix

did you understand my above post?

Not completely lol…

What is part C? Is that the epsom? I’ve haven’t heard of part C

This is the mkp I was going to purchase

Would that work?
I knew you were referring to the mkp, just don’t know what the numbers mean… 2/2.7/2/1.2 I’ve saw that before but couldn’t figure it out

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Yeah looks like nute issues but too far along to fix at this point, I’d just give it water til chop.


I’ve chopped them already.

I think you grow in HF right?.. do you check ph run off? Mine on this last grow was fed 6.5 but runoff was around 5.8

Also what’s your feelings on pruning/trimming fan leaves more and more through flowering period

I know I got off track here… I usually do lol

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When we talk numbers with a. 3part dry nutrient regardless of the branding it’s alwayss

Proprietary blend (jacks part A, chemgro 4-20, master blend, etc etc)

Calcium nitrate (part B)

Magnesium sulfate (part C)
Yes that amazon stuff will work if you have a local hydro store or agricultural supplier I suggest minimizing amazon purchases but that’s just my view to. Support local and not bezos

A number on the end will be a booster like. Mkp

So these are the grams per gallon in above order 2/2.7/2/1.2

Can you read that now?


One other thing (sorry…) What are your feelings on pruning fan leaves through flower period? I’ve heard they hold nitrogen that the colas cannibalize in late stage flower and use the nitrogen?

You guys have such good info, questions keep popping up :laughing:

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Hell grows in coco like most of us.

Prune in flower week 3, learn how to Lolipop and defoilate lots of articles and videos out there.

Then do it again when the plant gets bushy in another 3 or 4 weeks

A week or maybe two before harvest cut all the fan leafs off.


Thanks, That’s pretty much what I’m doing. One of the gorilla grew different and got away from me. Had really leafy buds compared to other 2 in same grow