Setting up a shed

Hello good people of the forum! Hi to the naughty ones too! :wink:

I am in the process of planning a change to my grow situation. At current I’m rockin’ a 4x4 tent in a spare room in my house. We may have a family member in need joining us this summer though - uh-oh Spaghetti-Os/Holy spare room needed Batman!

As a result I’m thinking I’ll build a 10x10 shed in my backyard to move my darling babies into! I’ll keep my 4x4 and get another 4x4 set up alongside it! Leaves room to get 2 more in the future depending on if my wife claims the other half. :joy:

Now I know what you’re thinking, cool story bro - but wait! There’s more! I was hoping to fish for advice!

Perhaps from someone who has done this approach before or even if you do nothing like it ever but wanna spit-ball some ideas. I’m all good with whatever input anyone has.

At current I’m getting a 10x10 metal shed with a metal floor. Looks like studs. Plywood for over the floor studs. Insulation boards, caulk and tape to insulate. A standing AC unit that says it can do more than twice the space for summer. (Worry about heat later, though recommendations welcome)Have a big dehumidifier - which since I’m near water should be the only RH adjustment I need.

Then I’m also getting like 10 outlets, boxes, covers, connectors and MC cable to run electric to it. Was thinking I might bury some PVC and seal it between the house and shed to protect the cable and keep bugs out. I hate bugs. :joy:

So at this point, I’m wondering if there’s anything else I should add to my shopping cart?

Should I consider a different channel for the MC cable? I’ve never buried a line before.

Anything I could put under it while I’m building it to deter pests? Be much easier to do while building lol

I think I have a solo light on a breaker for some silly reason so might tie in with that. That way it’s about dedicated and I won’t need to install a new breaker.

I’ll also get a lock of course and I have an exhaust fan - just need to grab a filter for it.

Sorry if I rambled some, hit the vape pen before writing this. :joy: All thoughts and comments appreciated.

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Maybe put the family member in the shed. :person_shrugging:
:crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:joy: Never a bad idea to prioritize the prime real estate! This will actually afford me more room though.

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LOL, yeah, understood, though. We once lived in a tourist town, I’ll tell ya how many folks would AirBnB something like a livable shed. :dollar: :joy:

Other than that, I’ll stop here cuz I don’t have the knowledge and skill to help you on this cool project. Sounds like you might end up with a wonderful grow space . :grinning:

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That’s why they say location location location :money_mouth_face:

Hoping it turns out well. We’ll see! :grin:

Thanks for dropping in!

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Sounds like a good plan. I have not done a shed build or grow, my tent is in the garage.
If critters are a problem, you want to stop them from burrowing under the shed. You can dig and put in fencing into the ground a couple feet below the shed.

I think heat will be a challenge. Think about exhaust options while building, giving you enough options to vent each current and future tent. Same as exhaust option for the whole shed.
A good protected air intake, to minimize bugs getting in but giving you a chance for cool air. If you can, have the intake come from a side of the shed with the least sun exposure, to bring in the coolest air when it’s hot out. If you have space, some nice bushes to add shade to the intake side of the shed will help keep intake air cool.


Thats what I do with my attic grab the NE window for air intake. Then switch it in other months to inside air.
I’d like dual intake switchable so on days conditioned/treated isnt needed flip the valve or shutters and get outside air.

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Something in the ground or at least under it could be good. I live in the woods so if the animals live in Maryland they likely roam by from time to time. Even have coyotes - imagine how much they’d laugh AFTER eating my crops!

So I’m thinking maybe chicken wire or something similar could keep anything on the bigger side out and the plywood will keep a lot of bugs and stuff at bay as long as I seal it all properly.

My concern then would mice or rats - things that could chew through the plywood… Termites as well… Maybe not beavers though. They are around but I don’t think they’ll come for my DAM shed.(I’m sorry, if you want to unfollow this thread and my puns I understand :joy:)

Is there anything y’all know of that deters those kinds of creatures? I’ll look into as well but maybe you know something Google doesn’t. :grin:

As far as ventilation - I was looking at one that has a couple of vents up near the top. I’d have to run the AC exhaust to one. With the others I think I’ll cut out a vent sized hole in the insulation that I can then remove if I want outside air or want to run a tent exhaust out.

I’ll probably try to keep it as sealed as I can during summer and winter but it’s a great thought for spring and fall. I’ll have to determine exactly where wifey wants it. It may be in the woods enough that shade isn’t a problem but if not I’ll be sure to consider the vents when orienting it.

Maybe I can use the bush idea to camouflage it! Sneaky shed and cool for days.


Chicken wire should work for underneath. Make sure it’s attached well to the base of the shed, sit doesn’t rip off by diggers.

You probably know this already, clean practices will help prevent from attracting rodents and insects. Couple ideas would be to avoid any standing water. Store everything in totes with good lids, like nutrients.

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Definitely something to keep in mind! Probably grab up a tote then - right now I’ve got everything consolidated in a fabric cube storage thing I found at goodwill. But being indoors it’s not a major issue.

Thinking about maybe planting some peppermint or something nearby or against the shed to drive them away. I figure anything I spread will invariably be washed away so it would make sense to plant something - particularly something I could find use for.(Other than offending rodent noses)

I’m finding out this week if I get to go through with my plan this summer! If not, all of this planning will be for when it does happen. The difference being I’d be financing(interest free for a term dependent on amount) if I have to get now for space reasons - later I’d hopefully be in a better position to buy outright or finance less.

On a diff note, I am also considering if I want to put in a slop sink or just run a hose through a vent and insulate around it.

The latter would be easier but sloppier. The prior would definitely have a nicer feel but it’s also more stuff (pipes)to bury and install. I’m not especially excited to dig the trenching in the first place since I’ll be doing so by hand. :joy:

On that note, even if I do put a sink I’m probably not hand digging 3-4 feet down so it’ll be turned off in winter like the hose connection I’d probably jump if off of. That way I don’t have multiple valves to turn off. I can see forgetting one lol, more steps = more possibility for error.

I built a room in a detached garage. Working well. Needed a dual hose potable ac and I big dehumidifier. I have a 5 by 5 tent inside the room.

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Steel wool in any gap