Serrated Leaf Ends Bent Upwards

My Gorilla Glue Autoflowers have the ends of the serrated leaves bending upwards. What could be causing this?


Could be excess heat


First thought is heat stress or humidity issues


I have 1 that Is doing this out of 5 in the same tent. Heat never got above 79. Think it may be too much light. (Or heat stress for yours)

May be over watering as well.

Thank you for the replies.

Maybe a little too much water. I’ve never seen this before, so had to ask. Thanks all!

I run my temp at 78. They seem to like it.

Every one in a while I get a plant that starts to act goofy. The fine folks here keep me calm and always help. It usually goes away on its own. Knock on wood.

Make sure they NEED water before you go giving it to them. Soil is dry. Not moist, not kinda dry… dry. One step before dryer than a popcorn fart AND the bucket is light.


After looking at your high and low temps and humidity thats not the problem. I would definitely check your ph next. Ph can make leaves grow odd shapes and twist.

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This is referred to as “taco leaf”

As others have stated it can be heat issue, or if humidity is to low, your in veg so your temos good but I would put a humidfior in thee take a look at a VPD chart.

As you can see your humidity should be higher 65-70%

How close is your light? And what’s your DLI? You may be giving them excess light.

If your unaware of DLI check this post (give it a like please =)
Read #1 and #277 post


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Do you have a lot of wind blowing on your plants?
Are the leaves near bottom doing that as well? Or, is it just the top leaves?
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses: