Seeds will not sprout

I cannot get my. White Widow Auto seeds to sprout. I soak them for 2 days and paper towel till i get the white tail. Plant them in soil on heating pad. Soil temp day 75f night 70. They are planted in a 50/50 mix of seedling soil & cocco air. Spitzed every 2 or 3 days when soil is dry to touch 21 days an no sprouts in sight what have I done wrong?

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Spritz every few days might not be enough. The need to water just enough to let it sink down. The root won’t grow and establish if only the top is getting sprayed every few days. Just my opinion

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Your seed starter, if nutrient free is good. Nutes; not so much.

Start in a custard cup with distilled water and 3 or 4 drops of peroxide. When seed shows a tail, transplant into your media that has been dampened (not soaked!). Cover with a clear dome (I use a red Solo cup with a bunch of holes poked in it and a clear one for the dome). Mist the inside of the dome twice per day until the second set of leaves forms at which point you can water lightly at the soil level (a tablespoon per day is enough). Remember the plant derives all of it’s moisture from the air until a taproot forms.

Spray misting the dome with distilled water is the best way to not drown the seed or dry it out.


Turn heating pad off and use a spray bottle to mist soil when it gets dry also before planting beans your starter soil should be watered in meaning it should be moist not wet
If you temps are 70 at night no need to use heating pad just place cups under lights set for 24-7 until they pop ground then switch to 18-6 or 16-8


I water the seed pot medium to run off, then let drain for a day, next day i put the germinated seed tail down just under the medium, i dont water the medium again until transplant, i keep a humidity cover over them for about a week. this has never failed.


I think the others have you set. Especially 24 hour light and keeping slightly moistened.