Seeds sending to Australia from this site

I don’t want to offend you, but I can’t resist this…

Now THAT’S what I call “Hotboxing”!!!

Again, no offense intended, but that girl is smoking as much as the car!

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Anywhere between 2-6 weeks is what I’m going to guess it takes…being patient is hard but so very worth it I know :slight_smile: I’m trying again for second order first one never came been 6 Weeks

Also if they confiscate them you should get a letter stating this.

I’m sure the wait is worthwhile!!
The reputation and word of mouth seems very positive and reassuring thanks guys

@FloridaSon. I cant take offence mate coz im to slow on the uptake. Plz explain as my brain cells are a little Smokey.

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Here, we call that Hotboxing. Get in your vehicle, close all the windows and fog the interior until you can’t see.

The offense part was about the girl getting out of the car. Not knowing if it was just an image you posted from somewhere, or if she is directly connected to you, I didn’t want to offend you by saying how hot she is!

Personally, I take comments like that as a compliment. Some don’t. Since I don’t know the full story, I was stating that I mean no offense by saying that girl is hot enough to create all that smoke.


Makes me want to go “box” my truck now…


Shes some eye candy thats for sure. I take no offence at all to stuff like that mate. I like u. I enjoy a heap of your posts.

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Thanks, Man. That actually means something to me.

Trying to learn like the rest of us…


My ILGM super skunk seeds came yesterday. Pretty stoked


How long did they take simo. I never have problems receiving seeds from ilgm. Been well over a month now. 7 weeks abouts. Been resent a week back. Need em fast for outdoor grow

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@number1fan I waited the 25 business days and then let ILGM that the seeds hadn’t turned up…11 days after that my seeds came through.

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Great mate. Thanks ay. Waiting on my white widow autos. 10 and gold leaf. 5. Keen on this gold leaf

The Gold leaf does look good. The problem I have is there is some many choices haha.
I have a couple other strains from another breeder as well…so gonna have 3 different strains at home to choose from…gotta love that!

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Im flushing a ww auto atm. Heaps of big fat tops on her. Keen to put in bom contest but my camera is shit. But should be in the bowl around the new year. Should be 3.5 to 4 ounces. Hope it smokes ok. Thia was done dwc. Last run was soil and the plants smelled heaps more.


Second attempt made it. Seeds have landed. Thanks guys. It was a long time waiting up to 6 weeks but worth the wait. I’m very grateful they sent again until seeds made it. Thanks guys

John-San I would be waiting more than just 10 days just in case give it a bit more time these guys will make sure you get your seeds don’t worry. Patience is the hard part.

Funny that the plants smelled more in soil. Kinda would of thought that growing hydro would be better everything…size… weight… And smell!

I’m sure you would still be happy though as long as the White Widow lived up to its name!

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Ordered mine 23rd June. Now it is 1st August. Contacted support and they will not resend or refund. I chose the wrong shipping method apparently.
Costly experiment that I will not repeat.
I have had success with other companies.
Good luck mate.

Well my strawberry kush hasn’t turned up ,which is a big let down, as I needed them to be germinating next few day’s, ,now have to wait for administration to get back to me, about a resend,

I paid an extra 25 bucks for a resend. I hope it comes through this time.