Seeds from Stressed Auto

So, during mid flower i overloaded my soil with nutrients and stressed out my AK47 auto pretty bad.
As a result she developed a single tiny tiny pollen sack that I missed.
This resulted in a couple of seeds (4 total) being produced and I allowed them to mature and harvested.
During trimming I uncovered them. They are very dark brown / with light brown and dark brown streaks in them.
In other words, they look quite healthy.

These are from a stressed, feminized AK47 auto.
There were no other pollen sacks produced in the bud.

As far as I can determine there are two types of hermaphrodite plants.
“real hermies” or those having both chromosomes to make hermie plants, and monoecious hermies produced through stressors of some kind.

Since mine was stressed, these resulting seeds should be feminized seeds correct?
In other words there is very little chance of these being true hermaphrodite plants?

Just looking for advice whether or not I should keep them or not.


Free seeds that appear viable ?
My friend. Plant them. They should be female. :+1::grin:
I would certainly take a chance on them.


There are more learned folks here than I but seeds from an auto fem should be auto fem.If they had no male influence
U said stressed and only had 4 seeds total. I would personally try them and keep an eye on them when they switch to flower.
Happy growing. :v:


@Oldguy is correct. They should be female :v:


If this was the only plant in your flower room then it is a cross with itself… which intern would make the strain more stable in its genetics…
In other words it should be pretty dank… not sure if it will be a auto or a photo , but they should be female… hard to say… I would grow them out if it were me… :wink: