Seeds began excellently and now I have a deficiency

ok, I have to add the big bud. I got 9 oz with my auto. I got as much with the one plant as both of my blue dream. I plan on doing better with the BD next time. Also, my magnum is supposed to be high yielding and super potent. I am growing that one right now. Worth taking a look at…

update coming. Who want to see it? Comparison form then to now . Who wamts to seeee??

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i think this will be a great education for what it was,Deficiency Cal/mag, nutrient lock-in, PH to high.
Thanks everyone here . When the pic’s arrive they are for you… :slight_smile:

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This whole thread will need to be used more as the cure. Once you see the pics you will\ love it.

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Now that is a grow room. I bet it smells incredible in there. Some one is going to have fun at harvest time.

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Hows the magnum going?

I am pretty happy with it for starting off so bad. it is super thick and doing great so far. I should only have about 4 more weeks left. I am just starting week 11 today. A little ways off from being a full tent again. next years grow am going for 6 plants spaced about 3 weeks apart. i will drop them 2 at a time. So I will get a nice looking tent for a few weeks lol I started another one all ready. It better end up at least 3 feet tall lol This is only 17" tall but thick. It should have been 3 to 4 feet tall if not for my goof up at the start.

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Look nice and healthy. I’d give them a bit of a thinning. Bottom leaves. What strain?

Oh, This is the magnum?

Sorry, yes the magnum auto. I am going to start thinning her out a little. She is super thick and a lot of buds are hidden under all that leaf :grinning: @raustin, it is nice to see you back. :grin: Seemed a little odd not seeing any likes or comments from you here. And yep, I notice when people disappear here :grin:

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Thanks, @Not2SureYet. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Looks great, Thanks for the info. Did some more research and am liking it for outdoor NZ.