Seedling stage lighting question (LED)

I am growing cannabis for the first time. My question has to do with light placement during the seedling stage but let me give some info and context to answer some questions upfront. My setup is as follows:

4x4 tent

6" inline fan exhausting with temp/humidity controls

800 watt LED board (bloom Plus 4000)

I have a 4-pot autopot system on the way now with a 25 gal reservoir. My ultimate intent (other than giving my house plants their best life at the moment) is to cultivate 4 plants at a time. I decided to do 4 of the same strain for my first grow. The strain is Tutenkamon.

WITH THAT BEING SAID there are some other factors involved including a potential trip to Thailand for the whole month of feb and I do not want to be away for an entire month on my first grow.

Now that may not happen because of omicron so I got impatient and germinated a seed of blue dream my coworker found in a dispensary bag as well as a feminized seed of bubblegum sent to me as a bonus seed. The blue dream is a wild card I don’t know of it’s photo or auto but I opted for photos for my feminized seeds. I am still planning on doing the necessary observations on both as they grow to ensure sex. I went to the grow store and got a couple pots and some soil and some in-house live culture for root health the company makes.

At this juncture I was able to get the blue dream seed to germ. I want to thank whoever’s reply on a post I read here about putting the paper towel on a cable modem. Absolutely made it pop. The bubblegum I started several hours behind and that’s on the modem now.

As the next step, I got some seed starter mix and one of those half quart starter pots. The mix was dry as a bone so I mixed some water with a bit of that live culture into the mix until it was damp and fluffy. I put the mix into the container and packed half with my thumbs a bit. I then put another layer and barely tamped down just enough to level it. Then I put the seed in the tap root as down as possible and covered with 1/2" of the dampened mix and once again very gently tapped it down leaving it fluffy. I lastly filled a Tupperware with some water and the culture and let the pot sit in the water for 30 minutes.

This is where my question finally comes in, and of course I will take suggestions on any other part of my process as I enjoy learning. I have put the seedling cup into a long jiffy container I have other “non devils lettuce” plants starting in with the lid on. I live in Alaska so not a lot of natural humidity. Since my tent is rather big the humidity is only sitting 30-41%. I reckon I probably want to leave that top on the seeds and mist 2x a day but am open to other suggestions.

My question is with my 800watt LED board how close do I need to get the light to the seedlings? Should I adjust the strength of the light at all? Should I leave the light on a veg cycle 18-6 while on seedling phase?

Ideally I would like to keep the LED high enough so I can keep my other plants in there too (it’s Alaska they all need love right now). However, I can always move those plant out of it is absolutely necessary to get the led super close to the seedlings my priority is a successful cannabis grow.

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read all that and give some input! I do mostly reading a forum searching but this seemed like an easy community to ask questions in.

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I use a little light when my seedings first break ground and it’s on 24hrs a day for a couple weeks up to a month sometimes. Then I’ll go to 18/6 if autos it stays 18/6 of course photos would go to 12/12 to flower.
But when I do move them to my big tent, if I have others bigger ones growing I may place them in a dark corner not directly under the lights if it’s cranked up, or if there is a good canopy going on I may place them in a sorta shady spot under another plant.

Honestly if you can get an app on your phone to test your Ppfd in the tent you can just leave the light how ever it needs to be for your other plants and try to find a spot that is in the right range for the stage.

I took measurements to be sure and the light is 4’ off the forums and 2’6" from the seedling planter.

Had to look up ppfd and actually I got this cheap probe to gauge the pH and moisture of the soil and it also has a ppfd sensor. However, it’s not digital so I downloaded an app and right now I am getting 349 ppfd where the seedling planter is staged.

Ah yeah I just started looking more into it. Seems like on the higher end of the acceptable range. The LED is crazy powerful. Thanks for that info I see the usefulness of tinkering with that number through the growing cycles.