Seedling Stage HELP

Hi there guys,

I’m a new grower and would like some feedback. Those are my 4 plants at around day 8, I have a feeling that they are growing quite slow when I compare with other people’s plants (I found a few grow journals online)

I didn’t buy them from ILGM due to COVID restrictions as they weren’t shipping to Australia.

My set up:

1.2x1.2x2m Seahawk tent
6inch carbon filter + Fan
1000W Virarspectra Dimmable LED
little fan

Plants 2x wicked monkeys - caveman seeds
2x dream berry - caveman seeds

I have been keeping the at PH 5.5-6.5 - watering with a spray bottle.
Humidity at 50 give or take (saw on some websites saying that it should be 70 so I added a few towels as my budget doesn’t allow me to get a humidifier)

I increased the light intensity from 60%veg 25%bloom (Seedling levels on light user guide) to 100% Veg 60% bloom (Veg levels on light user guide). They have started showing their second set of serrated leaves but they are veeeery slow…

First mistake is you can not compare your growing plants with others. Only way you can even try is if everything is exactly the same. Becase so many different factors come into play.

And no two seeds will ever be alike. Genetics don’t work this way.


What soil are you using? How often are you watering?

Sorry forgot those 2 important infos.

Im growing on coco coir (with 30%perlite)

It’s been 1-2 day depending if the top layer is dry. I’m using tap water adjusting the ph to 5.5-6.5 range

I understand that I can’t compare haha

It’s just hard to tell if your environments is good or not. Too many contradicting info online.

Oh and they are Auto flowers

They look healthy. They are busy putting down roots. Once they get established they will take off.


Honestly here is the deal. Autos SUCK…they do what they want, when they want. I can pull over 2 lbs while growing photos on a 12/12 from start to finish. My plants also can reach 8 feet tall indoors. I still haven’t seen a Auto do what I can do with a Photo.

That weight is after being dried, cured and no stems. I actually remove every stem I can. I grow Super monsters.


no me!

autos are for sissies! Grow photos for the win!


I chose auto for my first grow but I’m growing photo next.

I’ll just keep going and keep you guys posted.


They look awesome.

Learning my lesson. Will do photo next :call_me_hand:t4:

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No you did the right thing… it takes some of the needed skill out of the equation when you grow autos. Its a smart first or even second grow. You dont need to worry about lighting and you wont expire your soil and end up with starving plants as easy. Photos take some skill as a grower that autos dont need. You can grow some pretty good dope with autos. You just wont get the yield. Your doing fine, enjoy the process.

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oh and something else, autos get er dun. Photos can take some patience. I start my weed in January and dont see any buds til August! But my plants are quite substantial by then. But time is the deal here… sure if I grew out my photos indoors I could flip them as soon as I saw female organs … say 2 months old or so? But the advantage of the photo is mass. Big plants! Not easy indoors, obviously! @MrPeat is a rare bird in that regard.


Behold what my tent normally looks like. HLG Driven Photos.

And @Cannabian is correct. I’m a rare exception.


kinda an indoor logging operation of sorts


oh and to be clear, my cieling is 12 feet tall. I expect to be bending my plants in another month. Most likely, the buds will be heavy and gooey! Throw em against the wall kinda sticky.


One last question haha when should i start feeding them? I’m using green planet GP3 3 part formula + calmag.

I was thinking about waiting for the next set of serrated leaves, repot them and then start feeding. Good idea or not really?

@NeoGroR sorry mate I only learnt how to tag yesterday haha

Im using Coco with a 30% perlite mix. I was watering with a spray bottle when the top layer was dry.

I noticed that the leaves were curling down so I believe I’m overwatering them. I’ve watered on Sunday and will only water again when fully dry.