Seedling slouching over

@bob31 I don’t believe this is normal but one of the seedlings is slouching and it doesn’t look normal. I believe it came from not having the seed buried deep enough or maybe it’s the light. Currently I have them in a rapid rooter with tray and lid. With a 30w led light about 6 inches over the plant since sprouting. Can you tell me where I went wrong?


Very carefully and gently mound some soil up over the lower part of the stem. Do not actually touch it, as you may harm the micro roots. The plant will be fine. Looks like she’s going too hard, which is good for you! Enjoy! :smiley:

Edit: not necessarily wrong, but it looks like the soil is compacted. You want to start seeds in fairly loose soil usually.


@latewood can you look over my post and help me with starting off on the right foot.

It looks like that one sprouted with the tap root up and had to do a loop-de-loop to get oriented right. Just put a little fine soil over it and it should be just fine.

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I’m currently using rapid rooter is it best to move that plant into my dwc pot or just cover that exposed root with soil for now.

I know nothing about growing in DWC, sorry. Are sprouts that small able to be moved in a DWC setup? They seem to fragile to do much else besides cover it and let it establish itself.

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Thanks you guys @PhantomFarmer @3high5you I’ll make sure to cover it up.

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Are you using Hydroton? I only did DWC for a short while, but all of the research I did was people transplanting after 3 or more nodes. Roots out the bottom of a one gallon pot, then into the buckets. This little guy wouldn’t make it in Hydroton right now.

I’m doing a fill drain system. It’s similar to DWC, but instead of the buckets being full all of the time, they fill four times per day for about fifteen minutes. Feel free to follow along with my latest grow here:

Thanks, I will definitely follow your grow and yes I’m using Hydroton.

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@jaysmitty300 thanks for the tag, but I will pass this to @Donaldj he has more experience in soiless than I do.


Also, if @ktreez420 is still around…

just looks like wasn’t planted in rooter deep enough rather than the roots pushing into medium they pushed the seedling out


Covered it with some coco coir and that baby is standing tall. I was afraid I lost my All-Star out the 4 but, one of them still hasn’t sprouted.


I don’t know how well it’ll hold up once you put it in the hydroton though. I agree with @Donaldj, looks like the root pushed to seed out instead of the other way around.


@3high5you. Thanks for that post, as I’m having a similar issue. Seedling not opening up as such… I will try the advice you gave and stay patient :v:

Looks like you’ve got a lot of wood chips in there. Mulch like that will be detrimental to your plants! I highly suggest you read the grow bible and pay close attention to the germination bit. You’re committed now, but starting a grow journal here will get you hooked up with some experts and may see you through! :smiley:

@3high5you thanks for the reply :relaxed:
I have 3 plants outdoors already which are 4 months into vegetation and another 3 seedlings going perfectly which were planted along with these weird looking ones.
I have used exactly the same soil (it’s a bit woody but it’s a Tomato Veg mix potting mix and works perfectly for everything) , for my 3 big babies and these other 3 seedlings. I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the seeds or I accidentally over watered these 3.

See these were germinated and planted exactly the same way at the same time and they’re fine.

Same with the bush babies :blush:
I have a grow journal for these… “3 babies in the bush” (which i really need to get back on to)…

I think the concern with mulch is that certain wood resins can kill cannabis plants. Happy that things are going well! I’ll check out your journal.