Seedling advice. Day 12

Seed: 2 x 710 shellshock auto fem
Tent: Infinity 90x 90x 180 ( 35"x 35"x 70")
Fan: Ac infinity fan on step 5
Light: Quantum 450w grow light
Ext fan: Cloudline T4 with wifi control
Rh 70-75%, 26.5degree C (78/79f) .90vpd
Germination: Towel method
Soil: Coco to perlite (70/30)
(Bought in a grow shop for growing so it’s clean and I’ve flushed it to soak the fiber pots.)

First week used just distilled water (I’ve learnt) day balance water and Cal mag.
Day 9 got informed I should have been feeding from day 1 so I made a feed and fed about 150ml per plant. Plan to do a flush today 08/16/23.

Feed: I’m using is a NZ brand named Goliath (comes from Canada). (Recipe is 3ml per litre so I used 2ml for first feeds)
Veg part 1 & 2 // Bloom part 1 & 2
(Only using veg and calmag for now)

Sitting on day 11 as of now and looking better but quite pale, lime in colour and white and about to start looking dry?

Light is on 30% about 500mm from soil
Ppfd: 250 - 300
PH: 5.6-6.0 (Bluelab)
EC: N/A at the time. Looking to get a pen

This is my first rodeo indoor however with about 3yrs exp in garden bed soil and standard veggies (toms, peppers, cucumber etc)

Light details spec:
Spectrum: Full Spectrum
Application: Seed to Harvest
Input wattage: 450w Max
Output Wattage: 600w-700w
Rated Efficiency: Top-Tier 2.7 umol/J
Dimmer Control: 0-100%
Flowering Lighting Coverage: 120cm x 120cm
Veg Lighting Coverage: 150cm x 150cm
Primary LED Diodes: Samsung LM301H 3000k+5000K
Secondary LED Diodes: OSRAM 660nm + 730nm)

And I thank you all for any advice help or tips you’s have for a newbie. Hope I supplied the right info.


Ok leaves are starting to get black blemish on the top sides. I’ve reduced the 30% light to a 20%. Also dropped the temp by a single degree as it’s avg was 25-28 degrees Celsius. I’ll add photos but yeah any help there guys would be dandy.