Seed Storage Vacuum Seal?


New to growing, going to grow auto-flowing outdoors. As I won’t be using all my seeds at once I will want to store them. I have read that they should be keep dry and dark place. A suggestion in the article was an air tight container, add rice or silicone packet to absorb moisture and store in refrigerator.

Does anyone use a vacuum bag and do a gentle vacuum then place in the refrigerator? Is it possible to damage the seeds in the vacuum process?

Thank you for your time.

You don’t need to go to that extent but the vacuum bags wouldn’t hurt the seeds if you did it carefully I belive.

I use a silica pack that came in some furniture I bought, I hold onto them whenever packaging includes them now.
Put all my seeds in a ziplock in the fridge and push as much air out as I can.

You could get picky and use a mylar bag but when the fridge is closed they are in the dark, they are also always cool and dry.


Thank you Nicky :grinning::+1:

I do all of what you stated & then put them in a tin can & then vacum seal & in the fridge. (very small glass bottles, rice, in a can) Also IGLM staffer said not to touch the seeds cuz of the oil on your hands. Got a dozen er more strains stashed this way. Hey @Nicky did you get in your fridge & check on the light? :crazy_face:

As stated vacumm sealing is unnecessary risk. U could damage or crush em no doubt. I keep my seeds in nickel style bags in a tin in a cabinet (not even the fridge) have had 2 year old seeds pop no qualms.


They have vaccum lids for Mason jars pretty cool

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Mine are in the original ILGM plastic container. The container is in a drawer next to my T shirts. They are 2 years old and some are currently in the 3rd week of flower.

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