Seed order shipping

I ordered Gold Leaf and Girl Scout cookies Extreme its been 5 days since the money was accepted no word on shipping. I have Ketama Kush auto in first week so i’m not waiting on shipment to get started! :crossed_fingers:t3:

Open your order. And send a request. ILGM orders , they always ship . I have drank the Kool- aid, and it is good.

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I have never had a problem getting my orders they always deliver

It did take two weeks to ship but I got mine quickly after. I just popped 4 seeds this past week 2 gorilla glue 2 green crack and all 4 have sprouted. 3 of them took 3 days the last one took 6.

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How do I go about checking on an order that cleared payment by echeck? Cleared on the 6th out of my account just didn’t know if I should wait till close of business Monday to be concerned was all. I know they will ship, just establishing some visibility so I know what’s going on. Thanks!

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Go to your account page on the seed shop and click support, you can send an inquiry with your order #.

They respond from Europe so it’s always at least one day later but 2/3 is not abnormal especially during a sale.

They will respond. Most reliable customer I’ve dealt with in any industry.