Seed germination tail up or down?

I germinated some seeds in a glass of water. the little white tail has sprouted out about a half inch. Im going to insert them into rock wool cubes. Does the tail go up or down?

As best you can, try to put it down.


Tail (tap root) goes down…plant with head just at level of media.

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Now… by “tail down” do you mean like image A or B, below?

Both would work for me. But I’d give that digital seed about 12 more hours

I picked that digital strain up when I was visiting a place called Tron…

I make every effort to provide my seeds(hopefully girls) the easiest fastest ways to grow healthy.
Both seed positions will work…BUT…I don’t want the seedling wasting effort turning the tap root to go down for nutrition. I always point the tap root down. Burying the freshly hatched seedling until the head is barely showing.
Mother Nature will do the rest.

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