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I don’t see a “security” thread so I am landing here. I may be paranoid but I think I have grounding for this. This is what I think about.

We’re living in the age of big data. What does this mean? It means that if you purchase all of your grow equipment and supplies from Amazon or Amazon plus Home Depot (or whatever your local supply is) and you pay with a credit/debit card, your purchases are linked to you. IF a law enforcement person does a big data search - say everyone who buys all of these items - LED grow lights, grow bags, air duct filters (a dead giveaway), and something called gringo rasta fertilizer, and horticultural mylar, egardless of where they bought it, they could theoretically link all this together and conclude you are a grower of mary jane. Does this bother anyone? Do you buy stuff and only pay cash for it? No matter how you pay for it, if you buy from amazon your name is going to be associated with that purchase. I don’t want to get political here, but I am losing faith in the governments propensity to respect our rights of freedom from search and seizure.

I started using a VPN service so my emails emails and connections to this forum look like i’m located in another city far away. I’m trying to get friends to use Signal texting app. I don’t put pictures of mary jane on my cellphone. I don’t trust they will end up in google photos by accident. or those other photo repositories. I keep my camera air gapped until I post on here. Does anyone else do this? Most police are law abiding and respectful. They could probably care less if you smoke a joint. Growing, however, can be another matter.
Are you concerned about law enforcement over-extending their reach?

BTW, if you read the privacy policies of many apps and programs, you will see that we are basically screwed.

paranoid pot grower


@RemyMartin If you think about it on a logistical, feasible, financial level, then i dont think you need be concerned about linking names to purchases. Of course the less your name is associated with these items the better. But, typical law enforcement agencies arent equipped to do this. If they wanted to, they could look at power company records and see who is using lots of energy consistently. But, they dont have the resources or manpower. They would already need to be suspecting you in the first place. In most illegal states, having 2 plants is a misdemeanor. Youd have to have a large scale operation for it to matter about linking accounts. Cops dont have as much time and cool gadgets/databases like in tv shows! Btw, i flagged your post for cursing. Its against community policy! Happy growing!


That was not needed @VelcroThumb… Just edit your post @RemyMartin and it will be OK.


Now on the subject!
I also live in a country where it’s illegal to germinate, grow, possessions and consuming so yes I’m afraid for my freedom and for my safety. I only grow for me, meaning that I don’t sell, I don’t share and I don’t give it for free…
In my opinion I think its safe to TELL NOBODY in the 1st place.
I recommend to do your purchase randomly, use different methods for paying your products, buy from next city, different websites. Just what I do… I try to keep it simple and low. Take care!


Back to the subject, wouldn’t your answer depend on the legality of your resident state/country?

I know it probably won’t make you feel any better, but places like Amazon aren’t going to give out any of your purchase info without a court order which I doubt they’re going to get unless you’re some sort of major drug grower that the DEA has an eye on. I would be paranoid about certain things like smell, too much electric and the like. You really don’t need to be worried about what you buy. They’re not going to give the cops anything easily.


Wow I believe we are adults and if he had been using it at someone it would be different. And granted we can help others follow the rules, however let’s leave the heavy policing to admin. Second of all if the police want to use my purchases to come into my house and bust me for growing a personal plant then let me be the first to say come on in wipe yo shoes need a drink… I mean really not that some pernoia isn’t Warrented but I live in a illegal state and I truly believe wit all the herion nowadays they aren’t worried about me


You are correct @Sirsmokes. The cops have bigger problems than someone’s medical grow. In my state it’s legal herion aka pills that are a huge problem for them.

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It’s all opioid but alot of towns in my state have seen a rise in hepatitis and hiv so they have started giving junkies free needles

Realistically, if you’re at the misdemeanor level, I think it’s unlikely the cops are going to put any effort into hunting you down. If you fall into their lap, sure they’re going to do their job.

Before my state went legal I followed the practices you mention and never told a soul I grew a couple of plants. A number of people were surprised to learn I knew a little about growing marijuana … :slight_smile:

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Play nice I moved this thread and so long as their aren’t insults and directed negativity towards members and peers have fun with it but please stay within good taste educated debates do not require foul language and hostility. A good debate is opinion based or factual play within those lines once the fingers start pointing you’ve already lost
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Try again with some manners if you didn’t notice we both left the thread and the comment just got rid of the foul language. The notification that it was flagged doesn’t go away but I did dismiss flag and put thread where it belonged in politics not the grow


If you think about it, you can grow any type of plant wether vegetable or fruit with your products. Or any tree or flower for that matter. @RemyMartin the problem is the big pharmaceutical companies losing billions because cannabis is the known cure for 45+ cancers. Big govt. don’t want people living that long, so just chill and you’ll be fine.

I myself have everything needed to grow and cultivate MMJ, but I have grown everything else I can think of too! Tomatoes, beef&cherry, hot peppers, sweet peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, squash, spinach, kale, mesculin, pumpkins, and even marijuana yes. There is no crime being committed. In my book as well as millions of others, it’s just a plant.

Marijuana prohibition is coming to an end very soon. And if it doesn’t, it’s becuase we are being lied to. Big govt doesn’t want it to be legal, because they lose so much, until they hop on the band wagon.

Be patient my friend. You’ll be ok. Worry about your neighbors and the smell if your paranoid. Or better yet move to a legal state. Oh wait that won’t matter either, big govt can “walk in” anytime. But they wont on you, unless your the next drug lord for cannabis :joy::rofl: but it’s already big govt. who is the big drug lord already.:upside_down_face:

As far as your comment on web data, the FCC wants to regulate our views anyways, eventually we will all need to scram becuase they will want to charge you money to google something…I’m sorry for the negative response on the safety of this place but it’s sad that the “big brother(big govt.)” of all of us is basically lying and tellin us cannabis is not good when it is the cure for cancer. F’n hypocrites!!! I hate the government! :round_pushpin:look come fine me!!! Hahahaha no one cares about your stupid laws.

“It is not a crime to garden.” -A H baby
Make a T-shirt outta that!


You’re darn right to be paranoid. Here’s just two of many police raids based on what buyers purchased from grow shops. And when the cops raid a house, dogs get shot, people get beaten and sometimes shot. You want to be darn careful if you’re in a state where it’s illegal to grow.


don’t hassle my herbs maaan!!! lol

Nice video’s, I understand they do what they need to do but before they show up the guns will be good if they know what kind of people are going to visit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I am a peaceful man so I don’t like violence, my only illegal stuff I do it’s only growing my meds :sweat:

And you think they care about how peaceful you are? Or that it’s only your medicine? If they visit you, I’m sure they’ll change your mind.

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I know that… Just saying… Will be best for me if they do what they suppose to do… Search information… This way they will know I don’t represent a danger to anyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I believe your correct that if they want to they can figure it out fairly simply
I ask you this tho even with all this stuff you do
Do think they cant back track all if that as well
Im sure they can what you do will just slow them down a Little lol
Your not paranoid your logical my friend
Im just convinced that if thay are coming for you there’s nothing you can do
Happy growing


I stay small and don’t feel what I do is wrong so though I don’t rub it in their face I also don’t feel I should have to hide purchases which have more than just one purpose. I have a garden and green house grow veggies too