I was looking at your 5 step imaging
And I see that you clip the Cola
At the top. Once you do that , and
Your 2 nd stems start growing, and
Get to a good length, can you clip
The Colas again to get more shoots
Coming, or is it recommended that
You just clip the one Cola and let
It grow from their ? Also if I’m using
A 1000 HPS light , is there any particular
Distance that you should keep it from
Your grow?

This is a matter of personal choice. You have to learn what works best for you.

Always place your hand at the top of your canopy. Does the heat from the lamp make the back of your hand uncomfortable? then, it is too close.

Does the back of your hand feel no warmth? You are too far away. A good rule of thumb is to start at approx. 32" and adjust according to the back of hand test. If you are comfortable, then the plant is comfortable