Same plants, different growth rates - normal?

Hi Everyone,

First off, I really appreciate this forum and the friendly helpful advice on my first grow!

My 2 WWFAF plants are growing side by side in the same conditions, yet one is much smaller. I have noticed a bunch of new leaves beginning to grow so I’m hoping it’s just transplant stress that has slowed her down?

Also, I using a MARS Hydro 300W LED and it’s hung approx 20" above the plants. They are living in a 48x2 tent. I don’t have climate data yet (getting a thermometer today) but my New England basement runs about 65 degrees. I’m also getting a mini space heater so I can adjust the temps.

I gave my young plants a few waterings with a capful of Fox Farms Grow Big when they were about 2 inches tall, but stopped when I read here that wasn’t beneficial at their young age. So I’m not sure if I’ve harmed my little one?

I’m so impressed with the systems people here are using! I started this as a fun hobby when MJ became legal in my state this year :-). It’s such a wonderful way to spend time indoors in winter watching life grow !

Thanks for any tips, or simple reassurance to be patient and let them grow! These were seed about 30 days ago.

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hey there SI1, they look pretty good so far. as you have already stated, i would not use anymore nutes until they get about a foot tall or so and have established a good root system. As for the different growth rates, it could be many of things. It could be simple genetics of the seeds. (Both seeds may have been from different mother plants. Or it could have been from when you transplanted or a plethora of other things. Either way they look good now and i would just continue to water them with plain distilled water until they get a little bigger. Hope some of this helped. Good luck and keep growing!

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@Sl1, they are expressing different genes and Phenotypes this is absolutely normal. One is expressing dominant traits the other recessive traits, meaning they are each expressing different traits from the mother or father plant if one was even involved


Thank you :slight_smile:

How are you adjusting the pH of your water?

I’m not adjusting. I’m drawing tap
Water and letting it sit to offgas at room temp. :wink:
Still low tech here :slight_smile: (which is silly because I’m an Environmental Chemist and Medical Technologist by training :-). )

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I know. And that’s likely your issue, you need to spend ten bucks and get one of those yellow pen type PH meters at the very least

I assure you as they get bigger you’re going to run into a lot more problems until you start pHing your water down around 6.5

  • best of luck

Same plant different growth patterns = Genetic’s

I would have to agree with @Paranorman in that you need to start pH’ in your water before and after nutrients and also the littler plant probably needs less water because they both look like they’ve been watered at the same time …I would slow down on the watering on the little plant until it gets more established …little plant means that it drinks less water… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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In my case it’s directly due to the fact that the germination did not produce roots consistently and they are simply younger or older.

My question is how do you determine what week they’re in for feeding schedules in Hydroponics and also do you hold the older ones back from flowering so the others can catch up since there is a major light timing change.

I could definitely use some advice.