Same Plant, Different Buds

Am I seeing mostly cloudy? ILGM Blueberry auto.

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I’m seeing a bit of clear. How long has she been in flower?

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Yup. You got big patches of clear yet.

Well heck. That second picture is mostly clear without the magnifying… it’s the light reflection that looks white.

Daylight is best for trichome checks. Or at least not under grow light. The second picture is all clear… with reflection of grow light. Now that I’ve looked closer.

Some tips starting (in the lower part of pic two). You got time. And that’s a good thing. They’re still fattening up. Higher yield to come.

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Thank you!

Didn’t think of the lights. 1st indoor grow… Duh.

Been in flower since Sept 4th.

Then you have a few weeks. 3-4…

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