Same marijuana plant, different outcome?

A question from a fellow grower:

Can you please help with identifying these two photos. They are both from a batch of Super Skunk planted out 15 July in my garden. They have all been treated the same and had the same nutrients etc… However three are like the first picture, I.e. Tall and pale green, the other four. Are smaller, darker and obviously female. Can you tell if they are all SS and what gender the pale green plants are? Many thanks. This is my first growth.

Both are female sativa dominant plants, some plants do better than others even if they are the same strain and treated alike it happens, more so if grown outdoors but it still happens every now and again growing indoors

If they came from super skunk seeds, then they are still super skunk plants and still indica dominant, I think 75 - 80% indica dominant.

There are potentially all kinds of reasons they could be growing differently. We talked about this here recently:

The shorter darker green ones do look different, are you absolutely sure they were all super skunk seeds? If not there is no sure way to really tell you what strain they might be. Also the smaller darker green ones, the pic of the flowers is not as clear, but they are very likely female, and I couldn’t be sure but some parts looked like maybe I saw some staminate/male pollen sacks. The very “hairy” flowers on the lighter green ones look very female.

sometimes it just genetics ,no rhyme or reason sometimes .

Fair enough they look sativa to my eyes maybe it’s the beer leaves look more long and skinny instead of short and fat could be just my eyes though specially because my phone is my computer small screen