Safe soil storage help

I have several bags of Fox farms soil. seven to be exact. I bought so much because it was nearly impossible to get at the time and I panicked. How can I store this soil so not to get gnats and fungus. Obviously a dry place is given. I’t currently stacked up in my garage with Diatomaceous earth spread over and around the bags. Garage is about 70ish with a RH of 50-55.
Ill be using it over the course of the next few months.

I put mine in a sizable plastic tote with a lid.

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Ya I was thinking thats probably my only option. The soil has some moisture to it. little worried about mold though.

Lol you have so many bags, you might as well order some 10-15 gal fabric pots and grow some big uns

Dont have any storage containers large enough for all of them and be able to close the lid. But i did put it all in containers just to get it off the concrete. I spread some DE on the bottom of the tote and layered it with each bag. I rubbed it on each bag like I was dry rubbing a tri-tip or something :crazy_face:

How are you storing your soils @Hellraiser if you dont mind me asking?

I just store them in my shed, Out of the sun, I’m using bags I bought back in January and they are fine moisture wise. Can always rehydrate with distilled or RO water if they dry out.

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good deal. I’m more concerned about the gnats. We have millions. Swarms if you will. I often walk through them when out with the dogs if I’m not careful. I packed on the DE around and on the bags though.

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I had a fungus gnat infestation earlier this year as they were everywhere outside, hate the little f*ckers, but mosquito bits kills the larvae cycle in your soil so pretty easy to control.

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Yep. I saw that on your journal so i ordered some. Your journal is pretty much a go to at this point. thanks.