?s 4 Experienced Growers- Best Practices/Habits

SO I have a question for all my advanced to moderately advanced growers out there-I want to pick your brains about your personal grow experiences… Specifically with AUTOFLOWERS.
EXCLUDING topics about LIGHTING, I’m looking for easy changes @ tweaks added to your growing processes over the years that you saw the most value in- most importantly in terms of yield, and if anything, more so in bud quality and strength.—more so important as autos are less potent than counterpart.
During your first few grows, you may have left out messing around with more complex parts of growing, like Ph or bloom nutrients, flushing or timing of flushing, stem splitting, topping etc. or even adding/changing & mixing the soil or growing medium.
Those that are journal-logging results -
Something you like is the list above or anything else giving u evidence for something causing direct and AMAZING improvements compared to before/after logging.
SOOOOoooooo…----->What’s the 1 or top 2/3 grow habits you will now never forget to do? Or really any small changes that are helpful and easily done I would love to hear about your stories & advice.
And/or was there anything that you saw little value in or something that even was OVER-RATED & HUGE WASTE of time & $$ ???


Tnx Hawkeye, but I was looking for feedback more on the lines of personal experiences during others auto grows. I am highly aware of what an auto-flower is compared to regulars, or photoperiods. I as well am pretty knowledgeable, still new, :grin:but still educated on the process of growing each one as I now have had a few successful grows under my belt. I am now looking to add some more techniques to my growing process as I progress in experience with each grow I will slowly add on more of these “best practices”. So again , I am looking to the community here for some tips that may help me decide what BPs I want to add to my growing process for my next grow-… & just to be clear I want to EXCLUDE the topic of LIGHTS in this conversation Sorry @Hawkeye_diesel , I know I tend to ask a long questions so I do apologize if you got a little confused. :grin::grin::confounded::+1:t3::heart::japanese_goblin:

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@Careg @hillcrest21678 these guys might be able to give you some tips


I will be watching. I might try an auto outdoors this year.

I could never do an outside grow here, way to wet and cold,but I’ve just watched a programme on Japan’s tsunami, and I think about all of the hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquake’s, and I’ll keep my cold and wet, all those poor people effected, it’s heartwrenching, I’ll keep my little grow room thanks.

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I am the guy you are looing for just follow this link and scroll to the top
and read down I just got started on the journal


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