Rust Spots on ILGM Gorilla Glue Auto Seedling (Hydro) (Trouble Ticket)

Hi All-
I noticed these rust spots on my leaves around day 6. This is a day 10 Seedling.
I am running aerogrow bounty with 1 plant before i move to a larger system.

Using GH Flora series PPM around 400 w/Cal-Mag & Hydro Guard
PH Between 5.8-6.0 (constant)
Grow room temp 75 with 45%-55% Humidity
I change the water 1 once a week and lights are 8-9 inch above plant (LED)

Without even looking at the picture chart I’m gonna say I don’t as Cal mag or silica at the point you’re at… Too soon IMHO your coydln set of leaves have all your nutes for first two weeks by then roots will be sizable. But it does look nasty I’d ditch those leaves so plant can focus on leaves that will grow and nurish, again redo the solution using only micro grow and bloom equal amounts

Here’s my OG Monday starts week two

@neofirebird Got it, so drop nutes for first two weeks next time. Trim the bad leaves and only mix 2 of the 3 flora series.
Should i drop cal-mag and hydroguard for now?
Only reason i added cal-mag, i used distilled water. The hard water is bad here and i have soft water in the house.

Not exactly what I meant, when roots show I add 8ml of each MGB to three gallons of water and hydroguard but check chart - silica and Cal mag start week two I recall. :thinking: As and mix in order hydroguard last then pH the main bucket. It can be feed with roots is when I start to boost growth.

Still seems to be spreading on new growth :frowning:
I have no idea what this is according to that chart. Any help would be appreciated!
Here is a new shot

Have you emptied the container and refill with fresh solution? First thing I do when it looks off… :grin:

Do you not have airation on all the time?

Aeration runs all the time with stone, and 20min on 60min off with the internal pump.

The spots started on day 6 i changed the solution day 7. The spread continued. Think i should reduce the solution by 50%?

The nutrient schedule posted for this system

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No don’t reduced the feed from that chart. It’s already halved from original you are wanting to clean and refill with week one micro, grow and bloom no Cal mag yet and you should be using silica GH armor Si. And hydroguard.

Changed everything a few days ago. Here are the updated pics, not looking good.

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New growth looks good …brown spot won’t go away you wanna start looking at new growth making sure it’s only on old leaves and not new ones then you should be in the clear

Cut those too worst leaves the plant is wasting resources to maintain them. :grin:

I have this same issue with nearly ever plant. I’ve brought 8 plants to flower so far but I’ve yet to find the cause for this. My plants exhibit that twisted leaf thing as well. My plants are in happy frog right now, barely a week from sprout and I’m using nothing but pHed tap water.