Runtz I think 🤔

These are plants I’m saving for a friend and I don’t have an exact time. A week ago I thought they were getting close and I had some sprouts that needed to go 18 and 6. I left this in the tent with them and now I have new flowering growth. Did I ruin it? Already took it out of the tent, the buds are tight and gooey and I’m happier with this than anything I’m done to date but I like opinions

They are probably re vegging. Ir will be a while before these are done

Exactly what I didn’t want I didn’t think as close as they were before all this new growth started that they had a chance of picking up I just wonder if I ruined the quality

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If its growing new pistols its not reverted back to veg. .
It will stop growing buds and where the pistols are sticking out will begin to grow weird twisted leafs that turn to stems that turn to branches. .
If you get fresh pistols shes still in flower… …

But it want be long if not on a 12/12 cycle…

It also looks like way to much nitrogen, approaching extreme nitrogen toxicity…

Dark green, shiny and clawing, not good signs this far into flower…


I’m going to agree with the nitrogen toxicity that plant is green

I agree with the nitrogen analysis. I made an error when I took it in and added 30-30-30 earthworm casting to the soil too late in it’s life. I put it back on 12-12 today, we’ll see what happens. I’ve made several errors this last grow but I’ve learned a lot about timing, nutrients and lighting. Thanks for the input.