Runoff from watering

So is it good or bad to let your plant drink the excess run off from a normal watering and feeding session? Im getting mixed views on the matter. Truly wanted to hear from the community here on the subject. Thanks

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Runoff is a good thing and helps prevent a salt buildup and allow the roots to breathe (roots need oxygen.) Letting a pot sit in water can create problems with pH and fungus. Water, let the soil dry out, then water again. Most of us use risers to elevate the soil above the runoff.


Im using a scrog system im guessing a wet vacuum will be my best course of action to empty run off then. Thanks


Like @MidwestGuy said.

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The last thing you want is root rot so ur better of making sure ur pot isnt sitting in run off water and i would suggest using a pot riser aswell

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No it’s not good for them to redrink the salty runoff i have my girls on baking drying racks over collection pans and use a turkey baster to remove the runoff


An elevated rack or wire shelf above removeable trays is the easiest way I have found to deal with runoff.
For example - can’t get any easier than this

Scrog frame with rack and removeable saucer

scrog frame with rack and removeable tray


Great ideas thanks.

I use my run off to feed other house plants and even stuff outside…I have many happy plants that are not part of my grow. Because I do not give too much to any one…I am not worried about the excess salts because they get fish tank water or rain otherwise

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Yea the outside beds love my runoff since i switched to jacks 321 the outside garden has exploded


@beardless you’re my new favorite person for the day. I was using a grout sponge to remove water and always thinking how much it sucked and how i wished there was a different way but never thinking about a different way. Thank you

These work pretty good too. They’re also good for watering seedlings…

Can’t get link to work, hang on…

Best I can do right now

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I use a 1.5 gallon shop vac. It’s small and easy to maneuver. Gets the job done fast.

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