Ruff start with my seedlings

For this run im running 2 sour diesel autos i but i think im stunting they’re growth. Im in the beginning of week 2 but was thinking about top dressing my soil with some gaia green all purpose since im growing in happy frog. My fan leaves have been very droopy on both plants i thinking maybe i should probably water with some cal mag. Any suggestions?

My heat has been in range from 75 to 84 my rh 45% to 50% only way i can get my rh up is if i cut off my fan but i also have had my filter running this whole time dont know what to. I am using phd water im phn manually so im going off the color with the test drops im keeping the ph yellow but closer to the alkaline side should i maybe go a little more acidic when i do get the temp in the 83-84f they do seem to respond better i also have my light 26in away from the canopy

Most commonly caused by overwatering. Seedlings should have dry soil with only a few ml of water given each day. You can alternatively use a humidity dome. Don’t water soil at all if using a humidity dome.


Im not using a humidity dome i have a humidifier an i first noticed the drooping when they went dry for the 1st time i water instead of spraying with my spray bottle an they stood up but now the 1 thats sitting right next to the humidifier is the 1 sitting low so i switched both pots positions so next time i check if the other back drooping its definitely got something to do with the humidifier

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can you dome the plant?
Spraying the leaves may create spots-damage.
Over watering with high stress (for seedlings)? my suspicion.

Clone dome farm, Summer 2024

If you have low Rh look at the t3/t7 cloudforge humidifier from ACI. It is programmable to maintain Rh exactly.


It sounds like maybe underwatering. Droopy leaves can be caused by both underwatering or overwatering although the appearance is a bit different. But I doubt you were overwatering with a spray bottle unless they are in jiffy pellets.

Someone mentioned how cannabis doesn’t like the root zone to be very wet. But it doesn’t like the root zone to be bone dry either. The soil should be a little moist to the touch but not wet like a well rung out sponge. And especially in the seedling stage when the roots are small and the plant can’t hold much water I have seen them start drooping very quickly from lack of water. And like I said, if you are watering with a spray bottle it’s more likely you are giving it too little rather than too much unless you’re just going crazy with your sprayer.

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