Rudelaris male or female?

A rudelaris should be male?

Im new at this but I believe ruderalis is a species(not sure if that’s the correct word) of mj just like indica and Sativa type plants… I’ve read that people even cross ruderalis with Sativas

Ruderalis is like Indicas or Sativas, in that they are all separate sub-species of cannabis.

Ruderalis crossbreeds are the reason for Autoflowers.

And so Ruderalis has both male, female and hermaphrodite plants, just like Indica or Sativa.

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I ask because i have 5 auto with 4 weeks old and 1 looks like little sacks and im not sure if the plant are given signs of sexuality.

I dont now if you can see the little thing im talking about. But im not sure what is it.

I see it, but it isn’t clear enough to see for sure. It does look a little more like a male pollen pouch than a female calyx, but I can’t be certain with the blurriness of the picture.



It sure doesn’t look promising, but as Mac said, a clearer picture is needed.

Check for a “macro” setting on your camera. I found that did wonders for close up clarity.

What you think can you see it?

My condolences. I see pollen pods.



OH NO​:flushed:!! Say it ain’t so :sunglasses::four_leaf_clover: